Thumbspiracy Hits The LXM PRO In Seattle!


David Ogle (Hi Dave!) took in the LXM Pro 206 event in Seattle, Washington and while Dave will be back later this week with a full event experience post, we’ve got two great photos to show off right away! One is just a nasty check with some serious bend, and the other is our newest addition to the Thumbspiracy!

This edition of the Thumbspiracy has caught Rhamel Bratton with his thumb in the proverbial cookie jar, and much like previous Thumbspiracy subjects, Bratton probably isn’t gaining much advantage here. He’s probably not touching the ball with his thumb at any point in this sequence, and it’s totally nitpicky. But that’s what makes the Thumbspiracy so darn fun!


We see you Rhamel, and we see those mismatching socks… and we like ’em!

The thumb rule may be outdated, but it is certainly not the CRAZIEST rule ever to get proposed. The NCAA Rules Committee has taken care of that already!

Photographs that show players breaking the rules, especially if they are silly rules, are enjoyable, and only done for a laugh. Photographs that show players trying to break arms? Totally different story, but still interesting.


WHAT A CHECK! And yes, that’s with one hand. In reality, that’s probably a slash to the free arm, but whatever, the Pros let it go a bit more, and if offensive guys are thumbing the ball (even if they are on your team), it’s only fair!

I did love the last set of uniforms for the LXM Pro. The grey, pink and blue ones were bright and original, but the tan ones with the western pattern were hipster perfection. But these uniforms? Total winners. They are both quite loud, but also quite different, and it really gives the feeling that there are two distinct teams out there. From a photographic, and uniform, point of view, the LXM is definitely doing well. And that makes me even more excited to read David Ogle’s report later this week! Growing the Game in the West? We’ll find out soon!

For more on professional field lacrosse and great uniforms, check out our most excellent MLL Weekly Recap, the new Nike Huarache turf shoes, and the Olympic Collection! Oh, and by the way, Team Sole beat Team STX 15-14 in Overtime.