Thursday Lacrosse Drop: Old School, Silverfin, MLL News, Army-Hop Photos, Contests And More!

Loomis Lax back in 1969.

The Lax action just keeps going, and this Thursday is no exception!  Let’s get right to it!

Show LAS Your Old School: 1969 Loomis Chaffee Lacrosse!

Earlier today, Dave Madeira of Empower The Athlete interviewed Jim “Grim” Wilson, former head coach of Loomis, regarding everything you need to know about PG years.  Well, as a bonus, Dave and Jim also sent over a picture from the 1969 Loomis lax squad.  So we’ve got a little Old School action for you all this Thursday!  Classic lax cool!

Loomis Lax back in 1969.


MLL Announce 25 man rosters… for now

The MLL has announced the 25 man rosters that teams arrived at via training camps.  This does not include the players that were drafted from the class of 2011.  They will be available shortly, but at the beginning of the season, teams will be without their services.  Shamel Bratton could play, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  Here are lists of some of the players who have made the cut so far, and how you might know them!

Boston Cannons: G – Jordan Burke, G – Kip Turner, D – Kyle Sweeney (Maverik), D – Mitch Belisle, D – Chris Passavia, D – Garrett Pedley, D – Jack Reid (Boston Blazers NLL, UMass), D – P.T. Ricci (Loyola), M – Tom Burke, M – Matt Casey (Ithaca – DIII), M – Greg Downing, M – Jason Duboe, M/FO – Chris Eck, M – Pat Heim (STX rep), M – JJ Morrissey (Mass product), M – Ryan Nizolek, M/FO – John Ortolani (Mass and DIII player), M – Matt Poskay, M – Brad Ross, M – Matt Smalley, M – Mike Stone (Middlebury, local player), A – Ryan Boyle (412’s favorite player ever), A – Kevin Buchanan (Brine Athlete), A – Jim Connolly (Mass and Umass player), A – Max Quinzani (former Mass and Duke player)

Chesapeake Bayhawks: G – Chris Garrity, G – Joey Kemp, G – Brian Phipps, D – Joe Cinosky (Maverik), D – Jake Deane, D – Sam DeVore, D – Michael Evans, D – Ryan McClay (shutdown king), D – Shawn Nadelen (old man now, but still a beast), M – Blake Miller (really old man. still nasty), M – Peet Poillon (Pitt, PA product!), M – Jeff Reynolds, M – Alex Smith (fogo supreme), M – Justin Smith (Salisbury grad), M – Matt Abbott (Cuse 2-way legend), M – Steven Brooks (STX), M – Kyle Dixon (biggest head on the plant), M – Brian Carroll, M – Ben Hunt, M – Mike Kimmel, M – Brett Manney, A – Brendan Cannon, A – Danny Glading, A – Ryan Hurley, A – Ben Rubeor

Denver Outlaws: G – Jesse Schwartzman (Hop legend, loves chrome), G – Adam Fullerton (army goalie and monster), D – Lee Zink, D – Dillon Roy, D – Sean McCarthy, D – Steven Holmes, D – Matthew Bocklet, M – Jarett Park (Plays for US Indoor Team as well), M – Bill McGlone (Philly star in NLL), M – Mikey Thompson, M – Max Seibald (Nike Athlete), M – Terry Kimener, M – Brian Langtry (long-haired older fellow who can still BALL!), M – Dan Hardy (Maverik), M/FO – Andrew Hennessey, M – Nate Watkins, M- Kevin Unterstein, M – Steve Giannone, M – Casey Cittadino, M/FO – Will Dalton, M – Sean DeLaney, A – Matt Brown, A – Connor Martin (Con Bro Chill himself), A – Brendan Mundorf (Lefty baller from UMBC), A – Drew Westervelt

Hamilton Nationals: G – Brett Queener, G – Scott Rodgers, G – Joe Marra (THREE strong goalies!), D – Kyle Rubisch (D2/NLL star), D – Sid Smith (Iroquois National), D – Brodie Merrill (best defender in the world), D – Steven Waldeck, D- Steve Panarelli, D – Matt Vinc (NLL goalie, field pole. Canadian), D – Solomon Bliss, M – Brett Bucktooth, M – Billy-Dee Smith, M/FO – Geoff Snider (can fight you or score on you), M – Joe Walters (the mouth!), M – Joel ZaleskyM – Tyler Burton, M – Donny Moss, M – Craig Point (NLL star for Rochester), M – Brian Christopher (ex-Hop baller), M – Jordan Hall, M – Jarrett Davis, M – Dan Dawson (NLL legend), A – John Grant Jr. (Overall lax legend), A – Kevin Huntley, A – Cody Jamieson (Jammer.  #22 at Cuse)

Long Island Lizards: G – Brent Herbst (Siena), G – Drew Adams, D – Nicky Polanco (the face of MLL defenders), D – Brian Spallina (nasty pole, also teaches Kindergarten), D – Parker McKee, D – Nick O’Hara, D – Ricky Pages, D – Dan Cocchi (Pole and SSDM), M – Scott Kocis, M – Christian Pastirik, M – Stephen Peyser, M – Albert Maione, M – Mike Unterstein, M – Julian Watts, M/FO – Peter Vlahakis (coaches NYC public school lax), M – Mike Ward, M/FO – Greg Gurenlian (the beast), M – Chris Fiore, M – Stephen Berger (Div III product: WAC), A – Keith Cromwell (Rutgers, longtime MLL veteran), A – Matt Danowski (Warrior), A – Tommy Davis, A – Craig Dowd, A – Tim Goettelmann (All-time MLL leading scorer), A – Chris Unterstein

Rochester Rattlers: G – Stefan Schroder, G – Mike Gabel, D – Steve Whittenberg, D – Joe Smith, D – Diogo Godoi (Umass beast Dman), D – Tim DeBlois, D – Greg Bice (OSU), M – Brett Garber, M – Dan Deckelbaum, M – Martin Cahill, M – Matt Cassalia, M – Andrew Spack, M – Matt Striebel (Princeton/lax legend), M – Justin Pennington, M/FO – Jerry Ragonese (Our boy at Pro Athletics!), M/FO – Anthony Kelly (our boy at STX!), M – Jordan Levine, M – Dan Groot, M – Brian Clayton, M – Jeff Colburn, A – Josh Coveleski, A – Ned Crotty (Silky smooth Warrior player), A – Gregory Niewieroski, A – Casey Powell (Powell brother, legend), A – Ari Sussman


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Silverfin Recruiting Camp Info!!!!

Silverfin Lacrosse, based in Thousand Oaks, California, presents its annual recruiting camp at California Lutheran University from June 17-19, 2011. Last year the camp was instantly popular, with over 100 players in attendance at the first event. Similar to Peter Worstell’s high end event, California Gold, Silverfin brings an impressive lineup of Division 1 and Division 3 coaches to the West Coast to find players, including coaches from Bucknell, Air Force, Ohio State, Yale, and Dartmouth. Several D3 schools will soon be announced as well.

“If you take a look at the recruiting opportunities for players on the West Coast you will see that they all happen in Northern California and San Diego. Geographically speaking, California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks presents a local opportunity for players living in the areas ranging from the South Bay all the way to Santa Barbara. There’s so much lacrosse being played in this region that another event of this nature just makes sense.” says Patrick Smith, founder of Silverfin Lacrosse.

As I mentioned above, the event takes place from the 17-19th of June, which historically means 70 degree temperatures, clear skies, and no humidity in Thousand Oaks. Because similar events in Maryland and the Northeast see temperatures of 95+ degrees during this period, some coaches in attendance last summer commented on the welcome change of weather.  And it seems like the players might like it too!

For those players wishing to travel to the event from other areas, California Lutheran is located approximately 45 minutes north of Los Angeles International Airport and 35 minutes west of Burbank Airport. The event offers both sleep away and day camper opportunities.
For more info check out the Silverfin Player Showcase page on the Silverfin site!



Josh Rottman Writes a little something something on Flow

He call is Flow-Pinion, and you can find it in the UC Davis Aggie.  We love Josh’s Cali take on lax!  And the kids strings a MEAN stick too!  Once I dye a new wand, I’m shipping it to him!


Johns Hopkins – Army Lacrosse Photos by Tommy Gilligan

Tommy Gilligan hasn’t been shooting as much lacrosse lately, but he did manage to get over to the Army – Hop game last weekend to snap some high-quality shots, as he always does when he takes in a game!  If you want some AWESOME shots for one of your upcoming games, reach out to Tommy and see if he can fit you in to his schedule!  Now enjoy the action. Full Army – Hop Lax gallery here.

Johns Hopkins vs Army Lacrosse lax photos 2011
Goalies with SIZE!
Johns Hopkins vs Army Lacrosse lax photos 2011
Wharton going lefty. Standard.
Johns Hopkins vs Army Lacrosse lax photos 2011
Over the head. Or on the head. whatever.
Johns Hopkins vs Army Lacrosse lax photos 2011
Nice dodge by Army.
Johns Hopkins vs Army Lacrosse lax photos 2011
Another great shot of an Army player.


  1. I attended the first silverfin camp last year. The best camp I went to all summer by far, way better than the Blue Chip 225 allstar game, as far as exposure is concerned. D1 coaches were there watching (and coaching) about 100 kids. I was able to make contact with all the coaches there, who all had an opportunity to see me play during the camp. Coach Pat (who runs the camp) was a GREAT guy who has kept tabs on me even after the camp is done. The whole camp was run professionally and gave everything and more than it promised. I definetly recommend it.