Syracuse vs. Army men's lacrosse 16

Tim Desko’s Twitter Trending Topic Goal

2 - Published April 30, 2012 by in College, Lifestyle

During Saturday’s Syracuse-Notre Dame game, the name “Tim Desko” trended worldwide on Twitter on two separate occasions. The first time, he’d put the Orange on the board after being shut out for the entire first half. The second time, when he was actually “trending” above NBA player, Derrick Rose, it was because he did this:

Of course he did. What can you even say at this point? It’s just what Tim Desko does.

Syracuse vs. Army men's lacrosse 16

Tim Desko, famous lacrosse man on Twitter!

Between Bieber and Soul Plane, Twitter’s trending topics are usually spoken for. Is Tim Desko the first lacrosse player to trend worldwide?


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