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Today is Day 0. If you’re in it to win it this just hit your inbox:

MvC: Day 0 – Shall we begin?

Dear gentle giants of giving,

The last time to see your shaven upper lip is now, for today is the beginning of a handsome future. Today is what we call Day 0. This is the shave-day to start it all off. So, if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and shave your mug, take a photo, and throw it up on your profile. Then get ready to constantly berate your friends, family, and any inquisitory stranger for donations to your growth. The donation fields will be activated tomorrow and the race for the Noblest Mustache on Earth shall begin!

May the ‘stache be with you during these next 8 weeks, and prepare to be noticed.

Good growing,

I haven’t been clean shaven for about a year now, so this should be interesting. My guess is the next person I meet will ask me what high school I go to. Oh well. It’s for a good cause… give me 3-4 weeks and I’ll have a solid fu manchu. It will probably scare people. They’ll think I’m a bum. I can’t wait.

And since we’re talking about it, just wait til you see this guy with a ‘stache:


It will be EPIC.

Speaking of epic, how bout this video found in the CollegeLAX forums?

Yeah, we thought that was worth the watching.

There’s also some interesting conversation going on in the Lax Power forums these days. I stopped frequenting them halfway through college, but I’ve found myself lurking again lately. Perhaps it’s just that time of year when we’re all missing lacrosse, waiting to hear anything and everything newsworthy. Lots of rumors flying in the Men’s D1 section, that’s for sure.

From the Lacrosse All Stars Executive Suite

We’re busy as can be lately. Bringing on new quality writers and solidifying our new business plans. It helps to have great talent on our side; now all we need is time. Big things are on the horizon. Forums on steroids? Not quite, but you’ll see. Bottom line is stick with us kids, things only go up from here.

If that doesn’t get you excited, this will: your trusty founders have decided to aim for a Lambo.


Yes, we WILL get a Lamborghini for AT LEAST 3 hours.

Speaking of, are you a fan of us on Facebook? If not, tap it in. We gotta pad those fan stats. Ya dig?


Book worth reading: North Dallas Forty. I’m hooked. Really puts the history of professional sports in perspective… Here’s the summary:

The story of eight harrowing days in the chaotic life of a professional football player, North Dallas Forty, originally published in 1973, exposes an NFL rife with corruption, drugs, sex, and violence. His body already racked with multiple injuries, Phil Elliot is a cynical tight end hooked on painkillers and other mind-altering substances who must choose between enduring abuse by crazed coaches and depraved teammates or giving up his dreams of glory. This graphic story explores the disturbing relationship between violence in the football stadium and violence in American culture itself.

It’s also a movie, but I think the book is better. This clip provides some good Sunday motivation. “Remember, the key to being a professional is consistency, and the computer measures that quality. Not one of you is as good as that computer. I hope I’m understood!”

In other news…

Dog Snuggie

Snuggies for dogs are now in stock at local NYC stores. Yikes… I hope this isn’t going to be a fad in the city, but the fact that each Snuggie comes with a talking dog tag really scares me.

Alright. Happy Sunday.

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