Tongue Twister Time As College Coaching Carousel Continues


Jamie Munro left Denver, Bill Tierney left Princeton FOR Denver, Chris Bates then left Drexel for the recently opened Princeton job and now Brian Voelker (who was at UPenn) has moved on to Drexel.  Is Munro going to head to UPenn to make the circle complete? Very doubtful.

However, Munro must be getting at least SOME consideration for the newly available head coaching spot at NCAA Div 3 school, Colorado College.  Dave Zazzaro is out as head coach for the Tigers after only a couple of years.  He is already out in Colorado and has a good relationship with some quality programs.  I don’t know how well his at times overbearing coaching style will mesh with Div 3 athletes but I definitely think it could work.   

MCLA BYU has gotten the best of NCAA Colorado College recentlyAnother fantastic option for the CC Tigers is Jason Lamb formerly of BYU.  Some NCAA people might say that Lamb is just an MCLA coach but that shows a SERIOUS lack of understanding.  Lamb was responsible for just as much as an NCAA coach would be responsible for and BYU’s Club sports program was very serious while Lamb was there.  Also, Lamb’s BYU squads were able to best Colorado College in a good number of their head to head matchups over the past few years.  Whereas Munro doesn’t always have the support of some his players past and present, Lamb seems to really connect with his guys.  Can he do that at Colorado College where there is a little more diversity than at BYU? I don’t know for certain but my gut says he could adjust… and do so with ease.


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