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This will easily be my most difficult post yet. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m obsessed with music videos! This was difficult to do, I had to extend it to 10. So, these are my Top Ten music vids of all time.

When it comes to music videos there are a bunch of different things I look for. For starters, if the choreography is dope, it doesn’t make a difference what kind of music it is, chances are I’m going to dig the video. If it’s got a good story (all of MJ’s), I absolutely love it. If it’s a good song, that’s clearly helpful as well. And lastly, if it looks like everyone in the video is having a good time, then I’m sold.

#1 – “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson

Well, for starters, I could easily do this with just Michael Jackson videos and do the top five MJ vids of all time, but I’ll limit it to just this one. I absolutely love all MJ videos and when I was a little guy, my parents would just put in a video tape of all of his videos and that’s what I would take my naps to!! I love the choreography in this one, and clearly, the song is out of control. HUGE fan of this video and it takes the top of my list.

#2 – “Run It” by Chris Brown

I know, I know, a lot of haters on homeboy these days. And I clearly don’t agree with what went down with that whole situation. But, fact of the matter is this video was OFF THE CHAINS! Cat came out of the gate HOT. I dig the vibe of the whole video and definitely liked how it was shot.

#3 – “Transform Ya” by Chris Brown (feat. Lil Wayne)

As I’ve mentioned before, the song is straight fire, and I think the video is perfect for it. Everyone transforming into different things is amazing, and Breezy has some serious choreography as usual.

#4 – “Scream” by Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson

RIDICULOUS. Doesn’t need an explanation, I’m not giving it one. But, fast forward to 3:19 and watch them KILL IT.

#5 – “Dear Mama” by Tupac

Doesn’t get much better than this song and video when it comes to story telling. Arguably the best story teller we’ve ever had, cat was crazy.

#6 – “A Milli” by Lil Wayne

I thought this video was pretty creative. Clearly the song is out of control (and got played-out unfortunately), but I thought the concept behind the video was a good one.

#7 – “Like I love you” by Justin Timberlake

For starters, it was JT’s first solo video, and the song was HOT. Having Pharrell produce the song and having the Clipse on the track didn’t hurt the video either! Looks like everyone in the video is having a blast and it’s well done.

#8 – “RockStar” by Nickelback

AMAZING IDEA! Having random people on the street and celebrities sing your song is definitely a great idea and when it was all cut together it was both creative and hilarious. I can’t front like I’m into Nickelback (or this type of music), but I definitely respect the video they put together and think it’s one of the most creative of our generation.

#9 – “What Goes Around” by Justin Timberlake

Once again, putting together a serious story is always going to get me. Add in the fact that Scarlett Johansson is in the video and you’ve got a GOOD situation.

#10 – “Mo Money, Mo Problems” by Notorious BIG, Mase, Diddy

This video had EVERYBODY wanting to get a big flashy jump suit, wear stupid goggles, jump up and down, dance in front of fireworks and play some golf! Mase and Diddy both looked like they were having SO much fun this whole damn video and that made it fun to watch. At the time, not too many people in hip hop (if any) were making videos like this.

So, those are 10 of my favorites, but you could ask me tomorrow and I could give you 10 completely different ones. Every morning in college I’d leave my TV on MTV 2 until I had to leave the house, and then in my first house after school I had 6 music video channels! So, I’ve seen my fair share of music videos and I love them all! Not too sure why I’ve always been into them. It could have started during my childhood when my folks tossed MJ in the VCR for me to take naps – who knows!

What are some of your favorite vids? I’ll catch up with you all next week!

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