Top String Of The Year, Right Here


While in Tahoe, our Woozley boy Spencer AKA “Skittles” of West Linn, OR fame (& a Ryan Craven protégé) was cooking up the sickest top string job we’ve seen in years. Daniel Shields would be proud.

He imported a whole bag of tricks to make sure it turned out just right:

Here’s the close-up:

Clean. Colorful… Woozley. What do you guys think?

Do you string, dye heads and always look the filthiest on the field? You know where to find us.


    • one of the two middle knots attaching it to the scoop is backwards but that only matters in terms of looking pretty.
      “you did it wrong”… is there only one right way? I wasn't aware of that. Considering there are any number of ways to string a top string, seems to make sense there is more than one way to do an Iroquois top string… non?