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The TSA will allow people to carry lacrosse sticks, and a number of other items on to planes now, including small knives. Is this a good idea?
Easton has been dropping update heads, gloves and more on us this year, but their bread and butter is still in the lacrosse shaft game. Today we check out their Stealth Core shaft.
Today we get to test out one of STX's top shafts, the Stallion SC-TI attack shaft.
Mom keeps the family together; coach keeps the team together. Mom knits and makes baskets; I string lacrosse sticks. Get a pink stick, string a traditional pink pocket. Show your support!
Connor Wilson checks out Easton's highly touted Stealth Core Gloves!
We've finally reached the point in the year where there is simply WAY to much lacrosse action to cover, and that's a good thing!
Today, Forum Friday is all about lacrosse heads and the reasons behind their warping and pinching.
With Connor up in Syracuse prepping his own traditional wand for a game tonight with Team LAS against the Syracuse Stingers, I offered to take over this week's Traditional Thursday post with a reader's submission and my own Pita Pocket that I have been working on lately.

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