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Traditional Thursday: NEW Top String Tutorial


When I was over in Prague for the 20th annual Ales Hrebesky Memorial, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Piotr Stalmach, of Mesh Wizard fame (based out of Poland), and we got to talking about traditional, mesh, and stringing sticks for quite a while. We traded tips and shared some war stories, and at the end of the day, Piotr graciously offered to create a new traditional top string tutorial for us.

Today, we have that very brand new top string tutorial!

It’s a great new take on the standard tear drop method, and I can’t wait to try this method out myself. It looks like a real winner! Now for the tutorial… Take is away, Piotr:

Pretty excellent, eh? Piotr strings a MEAN stick, and we’re so thankful he decided to share his new top string variation with us! Next week Piotr will be back with ANOTHER tutorial, this time of the photo variety. Learn from the best, to be the best!

And while you’re on the Traditional front, don’t miss the brand new 2013 College All Traditional Team!

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