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Traditional Thursday: Reader Questions Answered #2


Welcome to another Traditional Thursday! This week we’re back, and answering reader submitted questions about traditional stringing and pockets.

From face offs, to whip, to differences between traditional diamonds and pitas, this video provides a wealth of information!

Next week we’re talking to Ari Sussman of the Boston Cannons about his traditional set up.

And here are three reader submissions. SOLID WORK all around!


Michael Vilardo’s Buffalo Bandits themed Pita

A pita pocket by Lance Gibson

A pita pocket by Lance Gibson

Quinn submitted this Pita. Love the RWB color scheme!

Quinn submitted this Pita. Love the RWB color scheme!

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  • The benefit to traditionals for faceoff is that the pocket pops in and out much easier than hard/dura/wax mesh, and the construction makes it less likely to get caught in the back of the head. The downside is that fogos usually are the worst offenders for broken sticks which means it means you’ll have to restring it constantly or use the tear drop top string.

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