Traditional Thursday: The Leather Pocket Transfer


Last week, we talked European Box Lacrosse Traditionals. This week, it’s back to teaching you technique.

Do you have a traditional pocket that you love, but you worry that you will someday break the plastic head that it is in? And do you not use the traditional because of the 100% rational fear? If so, or if you have a broken stick with a great leather and lace pocket in it, have no fear! I’m here to show you how to move your traditional pocket from one head to another…

Plenty of tips in this week’s Traditional Thursday. Check it out, and then check out the Traditional Thursday Archive for so much more on the art of stringing up beautiful pockets. And don’t forget to check out Stringing Tutorial: Mesh For Everyone, if you’re a mesh guy!


  1. I love leather pockets, I play d pole, and now I can throw farther and cradle better with the traditional. Unfortunately, my head is starting to warp and I might have to get a new head. Thanks for showing me how to transfer the pocket!