Traditional Thursdays: String It Up

0 - Published December 13, 2012 by in Gear

Our weekly Old School posts on Thursdays have done so well that it seems like everyone in the lacrosse world is now participating in #ThrowbackThursdays. Celebrating the history of the game? We’re all about it… and now we’re focusing on a much more minute portion of the Old School ethic: traditional pockets.

Every Thursday we will have a new traditional pocket to show off, and obviously, we’re calling it #TraditionalThursdays. This week’s submission comes from String It Up Lacrosse, which can be found online at

If you’re interested in getting a pocket from these guys, make sure you use promo code “LISIU”, as this will get you $5 off any pocket as well as free shipping. Not a bad deal for some clearly excellent work!

Last week’s effort was a bright green Maverik Spider with 5 diamond traditional. What will next week hold? That’s up to you. So send your best efforts in to us!



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