Tuesday Lacrosse Drop? Tuesday Lacrosse Drop.

michael britt lacrosse virginia lax villanova
Great extension there. Crispy clean image too!

I’ve recently received some great lacrosse, sports, and lifestyle submissions via email, Facebook and Twitter lately, so I’m sharing them with you. What else would I do, hoard them all? Not gonna happen! We value our readers too much to do that!

All the lacrosse news, video and photos (plus non-lacrosse stuff too!) you want, without the hassle of actually looking for it. That’s what the Lacrosse Drop does. THIS IS REAL!!!

Snow Removal Briefly Suspends Rivalries

Thanks to Nick Ward for posting this picture on Twitter!

Maryland Duke Lacrosse bros shovel snow
Maryland and Duke can get along, just not on the field of battle!


Greatest Snow Lacrosse Game Ever?

The short answer is Yes.  The long answer is Yes, definitely.  This looks like a very fun, very cold time.  Anyone know someone in this pic?  Where this game was being played?  I can’t find the tweet that showed it off anymore!

snow lacrosse lax yeti hockey jerseys
Is that a Yeti or am I going crazy?


Physics Make This Possible

Just watch the video.  It’s short and you might not ever see anything like this ever again in your life.  It’s like flipping a coin and having it land on its edge.  I’ve actually seen that happen once, by the way, but I don’t have video of it… so it doesn’t count.  Thanks to Garrett Wragg for the find!


Sweet Old School Box Lacrosse Gear

A million thanks to Sean Wheeler for sending over these gems!  Talk about Old School!  The helmet, the facemask, THE JERSEY!  It’s all good stuff and what is even more impressive is that Sean is an American and not a Canadian.  I’m telling you, more and more people south of border are getting into boxla.  As Martha Stewart says, “that’s a good thing”.

old school box lacrosse lax gear
The whole shebang...
box lacrosse old school helmet lax gear
...Just the lid.


Range-y Young D-man From Florida w/ a Knack For Scoring? Excellent.

Meet Frank Merrill from Estero High School.


Great Lax Picture

UVA Alum, Michael Britt, sent over some SERIOUS Photo of the Week contenders and I’m going to show you what might be the weakest of his submissions right now.  I think that speaks pretty well for the quality of the rest of the pics!

michael britt lacrosse virginia lax villanova
Great extension there. Crispy clean image too!


LAX in Latvia

These guys play physical lacrosse.  The skill isn’t there yet but they go out and go hard.  Getting after it might just be the best way to get better so I wish them luck!  L-A-T-via!


LAS is NOT Shipping Dogs.  Sorry.

We have a store, but we don’t sell dogs there.  Even if we did, I don’t think we’d ship them out in cardboard boxes. Jeff Brunelle’s amazing dog, Bear, seems to want to give it a shot though!

Bear dog in a box lacrosse lax Laxallstars
What's in the box?!?!?! Oh, an adorable dog. Hey Bear!


New Mav Headwear

Joe Cinosky recently got a little gift from his sponsor, Maverik Lacrosse, and the hat is simple, clean and pretty money.  I don’t know how warm it will keep his head, but he’ll be looking good even if he’s cold!

Maverik Lacrosse hat lax Joe Cinosky
Cool and clean. MavLax represents.


Kids In Tennessee Can Ball?  Yup.

And Peyton Klawinski is one of ’em…


That Could Leave A Mark

Be careful when trying to imitate Mikey Powell.  Stick tricks can get a little dangerous.


Argyle UVA HeadWrapz

Head Wrapz is back at it and this time they’ve created a UVA inspired, argyle themed lid cover.  I think argyle has been used to death by club teams and summer ball teams but I still love seeing what these guys come up with. UNC had argyle helmets for one game towards the end of last season, if I remember correctly, but I doubt we’ll see Virginia wear anything like this on the field this year.  They seem to be sticking with minimalism in their uniforms.  I am definitely hoping to see Maryland use the full flag helmets HeadWrapz designed and I’m sure UNC will rock the argyle at least once.  I would like to see Headwrapz do a checkerboad pattern but even more appealing would be Gingham.  And for those that don’t know… Yes, there is a difference.

One note to Headwrapz would be to alternate the white and orange diamonds instead of having them run in vertical rows. That would make it a little more interesting and authentic.

uva-headwrapz head wrapZ james gravitt virginia lacrosse lax
I like the logos as part of the print. Very interesting approach instead of layering.