TV Programing Note: Polanco Talks Lax On the Today Show



Tune into on NBC’s The Today Show Tuesday, August 4 during the 8:00 a.m. hour as U.S. Men’s Training Team member (and LAS favorite) Nicky Polanco, will be on air along with some of his Long Island Lizards teammates. Watch Matt and Meredith try their hand at lacrosse!

Hopefully Matt won’t sling some of his famous difficult questions towards Nicky and his fellow Lizards.  Lets also pray that Meredith will be better at lax than at fishing

Be sure to watch Monday morning and if you’re in the NYC area show up bright and early to give our sport some extra summer love.


  1. Keep an eye on Eric Law from Denver as well, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huge homer for DU, but that kid can tear it up. That being said I love that you gave the DU midfield some well-deserved respect, and IMO I think with their athletic talent, creative coaching from Matt Brown, and a nice touch of some solid Canadian finishing they have the best 6 on 6 offense in D1 this year.