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United Football League: Crazy like a fox?

Are you ready for some (more) football? Remember the wackiness of the XFL? Next season will be the start of yet another pro football league, the UFL.  Despite only having 4 teams in the first year, the fledgling league has made some noise with the hiring of it’s first coaches.

 UFL NAMES COACHES: Former NFL coaches Dennis Green, Jim Fassel and Jim Haslett will lead teams in the new United Football League. The league plans to debut in October with four teams in San Francisco (Green), Las Vegas (Fassel), Orlando (Haslett) and New York (Ted Cottrell). UFL games will be played outdoors using NFL rules. The goal is to sign players who just missed making NFL rosters.

With other niche sports leagues cutting teams and losing money hand over fist in these tough economic times (I’m looking at YOU Major League Lacrosse). I have to wonder if this is the right time to try to take fans away from the behemoth that is the NFL. The big wigs running this thing are either really smart or really crazily stupid.

Wants to try out.

I guess the people at the UFL know something that the XLF, USFL, and the many other failed “alternative” pro football leagues didn’t.  With the tagline “Where future stars come to play”, the UFL is trying to recruit players who just missed making NFL rosters. To their credit, the UFL has quite an impressive set of coaches for the first season plus rumors are swirling about Mike “Stamp That Licenses Plate” Vick finding a home in the league when he gets out of prison. 

Can we at least bring back He Hate Me and the wacky rules from the XFL? How about a half-time show where a pack of wild dogs chases Mike Vick around the stadium? That might get millions of fans to watch.

We know one things for sure, new UFL San Francisco coach Dennis Green is pretty entertaining after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory:

“The Bears…are who we THOUGHT they were! And we let’em off the hook!”


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