Upcoming International Lacrosse Games: North America & Asia

Singapore Thailand Lacrosse practice lax Grow The Game
Singapore lax is rolling along now!

We may be a little over 2.5 years away from the world field championships in Denver in 2014.  And even further from the world box lacrosse championships.  But that doesn’t mean International teams aren’t still playing a lot of lax!  Last week we gave you the US roster for the Bowhunter Cup (where they play the Iroquois National in box lacrosse).  And on October 9th, Team USA will take on Duke in North Carolina at Cardinal Gibbons High School, which is located at 1401 Edwards Mill Rd. in Raleigh, N.C.

But the US and the Iroquois aren’t the only national teams in action!

The Thailand Lacrosse Association is also going to have a busy fall, and they have TWO games lined up against other Asian national lacrosse teams.  Talk about Growing The Game…

Thailand Singapore Hong Kong lacrosse games
Two big games comign up for the TLA!

Very cool.  Thailand just barely missed the 2010 World Games in Manchester, England, and in talks with Payu, the man behind the TLA, it’s clear that they don’t want head to Denver in 2014 without a good amount of prep.  Last year, the TLA played Hong Kong and CVLC (CT Valley LC), with the second game being played in the US.  But what I LOVE about their 2011 fall schedule is that they’re playing other Asian national teams… and they are helping GTG in their own country, as well as others.  Singapore lacrosse probably wouldn’t exist at all, if it weren’t for Payu and the efforts of the TLA.  And now, not only does it exist, but Singapore lax is playing an international game!  Very impressive and rapid growth.

Singapore Thailand Lacrosse practice lax Grow The Game
Singapore lax is rolling along now!

Think this is just some thrown together event?  Think again.  These guys take their lax very seriously, and while they may need some time to catch up skillwise to teams like the US and Canada, the effort and dedication they put forward is already on the level.  You can look forward to even more info on Singapore Lacrosse later today, when we interview an American transplant to the country, Thomas Palestrini, who is now heavily involved in the lacrosse movement.

Thailand Hong Kong Lacrosse game 2010 lax asia
TLA - HKLA 2010.

With established lax countries like Japan, and emerging programs like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singpore, Malaysia, South Korea, and even the Philipines, Asia seems poised to be the next Europe for lacrosse expansion.  Throw in an established Australia program and a growing movement in New Zealand and lax is doing quite well on the other side of the world!

Recently, we’ve seen lacrosse programs pop up in places like Argentina, South Africa and Uganda… so what part of the world is the next Asia?  Is it Africa?  South America?  Central America?  Or will the European lacrosse landscape continue to expand the fastest?  To take a look at THAT question, we’ve lined up some great posts from Turkey, and hope to also have posts from Lebanon, and Israel.  It’s an exciting time to be a lacrosse fan.

Thailand Hong Kong Lacrosse game 2010 lax asia TROPHY
I want one. SO COOL!

All photos courtesy of the Thailand Lacrosse Facebook Page.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE international lax! (even makes a west coast laxer like myself feel ahead of the curve…haha) It’s so awesome to see the game growing around the world, especially in less-industrialized countries. With equipment costs and player fees, lacrosse is one of the more expensive sports to get involved in, and it’s great to see that these countries are finding the means to make it happen.