Vandal Shots Week 10: Bears, Mustaches And Shorts


Editor’s note: The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Krieg Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis all season long. You can check out all of his posts here.

First week of practice, couldn’t come soon enough. Being my last season of eligibility I’ve been trying to go out with a bang. Shooting more, working out harder, putting more lacrosse into my life, and being as healthy as I can be to become an even better attribute to the team.

This summer I fought bears in Alaska to help stay in shape. This fall I bought a t-shirt to forever memorialize it.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-1

Over Christmas break I grew out my beard, while never getting a picture of it, I did get one of the aftermath of my decision to shave it all off. I miss it now.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-2
I’ve already begun lobbying for team mustaches.

I also dyed my first head over Christmas break, not too shabby.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-3
Nothing even remotely close to the craftsmanship of Connor Wilson.

Here is an odd ball picture that I just need to include…

From my weekend adventure, my friends and I left very soon after this was taken. Not interested in finding out why you own this book, funny or not.

Big news coming out from the ‘Scow in the upcoming weeks, I got an email saying our jerseys should be sent out this week. Ooooo.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-5
Here’s a teaser

And while we have to wait a little longer for all of our swag to reach these farther northern parts, the football team has been receiving their loot from making it to the H-Bowl.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-6
Say whaaa? (This was just one wall of the room)

I don’t know if y’all watched it or you’ve figured out by the above picture, but yea, Vandal football won the H-Bowl, it was a great game. So great in fact, that we got this done because of it.

Our spring schedule is pretty much finalized too. Right now these are our for sure games.

2.20 – @ Whitman (D2)

2.27 – @ Oregon State

2.28 – @ Portland State

3.15 – @ Claremont

3.17 – @ San Diego State

3.19 – @ University of San Diego

3.27 – @ Montana

3.28 – vs Gonzaga

4.3 – @ Washington

4.10 – @ Washington State

4.17 – vs Boise State

Spring break will be awesome for sure, great competition in San Diego. Sea World here I come.

Obviously the game I am most excited about it BSU at home, under the lights, on Mom’s Weekend. It’s kind of a big deal if you live in the state of Idaho. Plus we are hosting a North vs South high school lacrosse game.

Last thing – If anyone can tell me what this drink is, I’ll find some Vandal swag to give them.

MCLA Idaho Vandals Week 10-7
There’s a clue in the picture...


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  1. your Nike shorts are sick. well done with those. want 'um.

    also, that is an awesome dye job. simple, symetrical, clean. and the string job only makes it better. super clean and looks like it will function really well once broken in. tip of the old hat. keep up the stellar work! you do know that we now expect even more out of you, right? awesome.