Vandal Shots Week 17: Spring Break Part 1


Editor’s note: The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Krieg Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis all season long. Check out all of the Vandal Shots photo blogs.

Spring break has begun, 22 hours later in the car and we have made it through Boise, Las Vegas, and Claremont and are finally at our main destination of San Diego.

Our first game didn’t go so well and we played like you would assume a team would play after 22 hours in the car and a temperature that was twice as much as the ‘Scow. Not making excuses because we could have won, but it just wasn’t in our cards that day.

Ole Paris in Vegas

Saturday night after a long drive from Boise to Las Vegas we decided  to treat ourselves to a night on the town and hit the strip in Vegas for some site seeing.

Hard Rock Café building, it’s a trippy experience with the blue sky painted on the ceiling.
Mt. Baldy and some palm trees in Upland outside of Claremont.

At this point I have no intention of wanting to return to the frozen north, even more so after getting a text from my sister Saturday as we were leaving that it was snowing in Moscow. Oh… great…

We had plenty of support for Idaho in Claremont.

I will honestly say that Idaho had  the talent and the ability to beat Claremont, a four goal game is not a blow out by any means. But after all the excuses are said, we didn’t beat them and that’s what matters.

Our offense had looks, our defense played great defense, we just lost all but two faceoffs and gave up way too many garbage goals around the crease.

Our achilles heel on Monday.

Offensively, sophomore attackman John Kopke put up five goals on nine shots.

Not sure if this went in, but it’s still sweet.
Our attackmen were riding hard like they were supposed to… weird. JK.

But whatever I guess, we couldn’t get things together to make it happen when the time came to perform. The support was there, the looks were there, heck, and even the nice weather was there. Nonetheless, we figured out what we needed to work and hashed out some small details this morning at walk-through to prepare us for tomorrow night.

After the Claremont game, we took the short drive south to San Diego to check into our wonderful hotel and relaxed after consuming a wonderful meal at a local hot spot thanks to the generosity of one of our parents.

Heated pool and a hot tub to relax the muscles and chill.


Tuesday we took advantage of the nice weather and the day off to head to the beach and check out the local scenery, after going to the local grocery store and purchasing as much SPF 30, Aloe Vera and water as possible.Got to protect yourself from those rays when you’re from the far north.

This was all of course after sleeping through an earthquake in San Diego this morning, a 4.4 is small.

Mmmm… sunshine. Sorry about the glare on the right side of the picture, I tried to duck out.

Now that we are all rested and have taken in a little bit of the city, it is time to crack down for our last two games of spring break. These are huge games for us and could be a great way to gain some positive recognition if we perform to the level we should.

Next week: White uni’s in San Diego? I think so. Recap of the SDSU and USD game, our trip back north and the usual Vandal shenanigans.

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  1. “I will honestly say that Idaho had the talent and the ability to beat Claremont, a four goal game is not a blow out by any means. But after all the excuses are said, we didn’t beat them and that’s what matters.” — cmon man thats the oldest excuse in the world and not a good one. You guys were a great opponent and it was a fun game but it was never close or in doubt. Claremont was up at least 4 all game, dont get me wrong you guys are a good team and have a ton of talent but dont start with 412s “we were more talented team that lost bs”.

    what id like to hear is how the talent at USD, SDSU, and Claremont compare to each other from an opponents standpoint

    • Well maybe next week I'll mention that. There is a lot of lethargy that comes with driving 22 hours in a car, our games against SDSU and USD later in the week can attest to that. Also, check your facts. It was 7-5 at halftime.

      • sweet, more excuses (almost as cool as your lax tat). Claremont was playing games on back to back days and you got to scout, there is there excuse for not blowing you out. You guys are good, Claremont was better — thats all there is to it. Spin it like that and you'll get your team a lot more respect.

          • didnt mean it as a personal attack, just a joke. sorry if you took it that way. As for the driving excuse, you guys were at our game the day before which means you had a day for your legs to recover from driving. Thats just a bad excuse, not that there is ever a good one.

        • Besides, the lethargy comment was meant towards your game, not the two later in the week where we were able to run with the other teams because we hadn't been in the cars. I'm not sure what your deal is, you guys were obviously the better team, you won, most people would look at the following comment and realize that. Congrats.

          “But after all the excuses are said, we didn’t beat them and that’s what matters.”

          • If I wanted to know the score of this game and nothing else, I'd just read the stat sheet at I read this stuff for something deeper than that. So called “excuses” are the reasons and explanations that give the insight people come here for. Ease up on the self-righteous bullshit SLClax.