Vandal Shots Week 22: Regroup And Refocus


Editor’s note: The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Krieg Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis all season long. Check out all of the Vandal Shots photo blogs.

Whelp, we lost. Last chance to get the last word and we blew it. But guess what, we performed well throughout the rest of the season in our conference so we aren’t about to let our season be defined by one game.

Luckily for us, we made the playoffs, so we are able to host Oregon State this weekend for a chance to head to Bend for the Final Four.

Here’s an article on the game from our newspaper.

The crowd came in full force; several hundred strong, heck even our AD was there. We came out strong and took 6-2 lead at one point, not about to let the same thing as last year happen again.

Then we apparently decided to let up and BSU came battling back into the game, ‘tis the nature of a rivalry game though; you can take a winless team and put them on the same field as a playoff contender and records don’t matter for anything.

Like I said earlier though, despite our hopes for going into playoffs undefeated in our division, it didn’t happen.

But we are still in playoffs and still in the #1 seed for the PNCLL 1AA, meaning we get to host the first round game.

Now we just have to show up for this weekend and get a little redemption from earlier this season when we lost to OSU in overtime. We have nothing to lose at this point; our team has made huge steps this season, beating teams we’ve never beaten before, playing and staying with some very tough competition and best of all, making playoffs for the first time in our program’s history.

Until next week, here are some pics from the weekend.

Vandal Lacrosse parents hard at work.

This season, more than ever, we have had a huge amount of support from our parents; financially, support at away games, a barbeque at our BSU game and even the talk of a booster club has arisen. The University of Idaho lacrosse team has made huge steps forward this year and is only going to continue to grow and improve with the support of our family and friends.

A little pregame stare off between the coaches.

We came out strong and guys were pumped to get the game started.

Face-offs were money thanks to freshman Mykeal Wheeler.

Rivalry games get a little physical.

Broken crosses over dudes’ helmets.

Fletcher taking a drive to the cage.

Offensively we were carried by our attackmen who came ready to play. Eric Fletcher had a hat trick on the game. Freshman Kyle Morse had a lights out performance and put up four goals, three alone in the first quarter.

The shot.

The score.

The loss sucked, I’m not going to lie. As far as making the playoffs and our season goes, it really didn’t mean all that much; but it is a rivalry and every year we circle this game on our calendars every year. For the three seniors on the team, it sucks even more; we won’t get a chance to redeem ourselves next year.

On the other side of things, our season hasn’t ended. We still have at least one more game. We still have a chance to punch our ticket to the Final Four in Bend. We still have another chance to get back at OSU for a heartbreaking loss earlier this season.

I’m over the loss; we have bigger fish to fry.

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