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Vandal Shots Week 4: Helmets, Unicorns And The Kibbie Dome

Editor’s note: Krieg Shaw will be taking us behind the scenes of University of Idaho men’s lacrosse throughout the 2009-2010 season. The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis. If you missed them, here’s Week 1 , Week 2 , and Week 3.

Halloween week as well as Homecoming week up here on the Palouse, a lot of things going on, so luckily I was able to get some pictures for you.

We’ll start off with some lacrosse stuff. After a little mishap with our helmet decals, we finally received them all.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-1

Same color scheme, just a Pro7, can’t wait until the football team goes with the black helmet too.

Of course as soon as I was able put the decals on the helmet I went out for some shooting. Here are a few pics of our practice facility. We have a great set-up on the Sprinturf and for the most part, we pretty much have free reign to use the field whenever.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-2

Looking north, the Sprinturf is pretty epic.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-3

Looking south, Varsity sports gym and Kibbie Dome on right side of picture.

Friday came pretty quick this weekend, along with the snow…

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-4

Driving home from my practicum and not interested in what Mother Earth had to offer.

Friday night though was another story; I ended up passing out around 7 o’clock so I missed the spectacle of Homecoming activities. They shot off some fireworks in the Kibbie Dome parking lot, burned down some LA Tech signs and got pumped for the big game.

Saturday morning was met with some more pregame activities including a big ole parade through downtown (wahoo) and of course, tailgating.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-5

Real parade, real doctors, real quote as they left, “Well, time to go have a baby.”

After the parade we wandered around downtown a little bit and scoped out some toy store, needless to say, it was fun.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-6

Umm… Nice, I think my favorite part of this is that they come with “magical battle horns.”

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-7

Homecoming = Tons o’ Alumni

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-8

A bunch of the Alumni Marching Band loaded into the Vandulance with us.

One benefit to not having lacrosse and staying in town for a weekend is that you actually get to attend the football games. Here is a picture I nabbed of the Kibbie Dome with its new renovations (the windows letting in some light). As little as it may seem, the amount of light in there has increased immensely, it doesn’t feel nearly as cramped as it did before.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-9

Packed house in the Kibbie Dome + Vandals over LA Tech 35-34 = Great weekend.

Not the most dominating of performances by the Vandals, but a win is a win and we are bowl eligible for the first time since 1998, I believe. Plus you can’t complain against a come from behind victory, I don’t care who it is against.

MCLA_Vandal Shots 4-10

Picture courtesy of

Then to cap off the night of Halloween my roommate and I did a little party hopping, he as Steve Zissou and I as a leprechaun…

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