Vandal Shots Week 5: Law Abiding Citizen


Editor’s note: Krieg Shaw takes us behind the scenes of University of Idaho men’s lacrosse throughout the 2009-2010 season. The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis. If you missed them, here’s Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3, and Week 4.

November was met with unusually nice temperatures throughout the week which I took every advantage of, thank goodness for our school liking us. Shooting and hitting the wall in the racquetball courts is all I could do to not go crazy from the lack of competitive lacrosse. Lucky for us, things changed this week.

Before I get into that though, I strongly suggest everyone to go see Law Abiding Citizen. Overall, it was an insanely good movie and very well crafted. Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx put on quite the show.

MCLA Idaho 2009_law_abiding_citizen-1
Vandal approved

Finally! Some lacrosse since fall ball ended. After another week of the same ol’ stuff, we were able to arrange for some court time in our Student Rec. Center on Friday’s and Sunday’s for some indoor lacrosse.

MCLA Idaho Week 5-2
Carl Coppert driving on Bryce Oldemeyer Friday night

The response was pretty good, a few guys weren’t able to make it because of frat life, school stuff, or they were just too lazy, but other than that we had a pretty good showing and were able to play some 4v4 with ‘keepers. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the numbers and keep something fluid going throughout the rest of the semester to keep guys’ sticks warm.

Here are some more pics from indoor…

Only in indoor do middies offer to play goalie and vice-versa:

MCLA Idaho Week 5-3
Middie Zack Porter guards the goal while ‘keeper Blake Uphus ball-watches like a pro
MCLA Idaho Week 5-4
Dugan McDermott cuts across for a pass from Carl Coppert

If you didn’t already notice, yes, that is a middie with a short stick in cage; he’d like to think he’s just that good.

Bryce Oldemeyer rips a shot on Zack Porter.
Bryce Oldemeyer rips a shot on Zack Porter

We actually are pretty lucky, IMHO, to be able to have such freedom over the use of campus facilities. From what I’ve experienced and heard, not all teams have that luxury unless they are in cahoots with the higher-up’s, which trust me, we aren’t.

Here’s a link to the SRC’s website you can check out, it is a really nice facility. Outside of the indoor rink and your normal amenities of a gym, it has 2 full-size gymnasiums, both up and downstairs, as well as a track on the 2nd floor, two b-ball courts and a pretty baller climbing wall (55 ft. high). Between working out and lacrosse business, I find myself here at least once or twice a day.

But like anything in this world, it has its problems… someone please try and tell me this isn’t the most awkward urinal positioning ever.

MCLA Idaho Week 5-6
The picture speaks for itself

As for our Vandals and Akey’s Army this weekend, well I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect what happened. Yes, I have faith in our team, but Fresno State is one tough team, as they have proven game-in and game-out all season long. They gave my Badgers a 2-OT scare in Week 1. I definitely did not go to the game this week. As soon as I heard it was on ESPNU, I knew I wouldn’t be headed anywhere on Saturday, which proved to be a very fruitful experience.

Nonetheless, Fresno came out strong and punched us in the mouth with a nice 77 yd. TD run from Matthews and we didn’t start fighting back until the 2nd half, holding them to just 7 points and creating a pretty exciting game come the last 12 minutes of the game. But just like Iowa, you can only comeback and win so many times before your efforts are just not enough to do it again.

Here is a little photographic evidence of how great my Saturday was, enjoy.

MCLA Idaho Best Set-up EVER-7
Football Saturday

Flava Fletch ruining Madden’s finest while watching some football and myself on the couch with my laptop. What you don’t see is Fletch’s laptop to the right of his chair, veteran play right there.