VIDEO: Drexel-UMBC Scrimmage, Loyola-Navy Preview And A Denver Interview

Syracuse - Denver courtesy
Syracuse - Denver courtesy
Syracuse - Denver courtesy

Syracuse - Denver courtesy

It’s a Thursday blessing to get 3 great videos in one post.  NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse is heating up big time and to start things off, we’ll get to some action.  It’s only a scrimmage, so it doesn’t always mean much, but it’s great to see teams get after it.  UMBC vs. Drexel seems like it was a spirited, scrappy affair and we just have to compliment ILaxTV on their excellent selection of a “Harder They Come” cover as the background music (at least in the beggining) for this FIFTEEN minute video.  Yeah, 15 minutes of lax.  Super sweet.

Loyola in Baltimore is looking for 2011 to be a big year.  They start out tough with Navy but are nice enough to provide a game preview!  So kind of their Athletic Department to do that!  A model for all schools to follow for sure!  Coach Toomey is really looking for one thing: hustle.  I think he’ll get it out of Stever Dircks and company.  Loyola by 2!

Finally, we’ve got a solid 3 minute interview with Alex Demopoulos of the Denver Pioneers.  Pretty stock questions but the answers are interesting.  Always nice to hear a D1 athlete playing for a program on the rise talking about his school.  He’s a Cali kid who preferred to stay close to the West Coast.  For some reason, I think Denver will really benefit from this type of decision for years to come…  At least until there is another Western D1 team that has a coach like Tierney, that is.

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