Video: Lacrosse In Russia


Russia Beyond The Headlines uploaded a short video of young men playing lacrosse, shot in Moscow, and this is a great example of how the game is starting to take root more firmly in Russia.

It’s not always played 10 on 10, or even on a field, but the sport is being played, and the players are getting better, and I’m pretty sure that’s what counts the most. If you’re wondering why there are so many people sitting in the stands glued to computers, it is because the game took place at the Computer Science Institute’s Sport Palace. The team with “Moscow” on their jerseys are the Moscow Rebels. See? Russia even has its own club teams!

Seeing as Russia is definitely a nation that takes its sport seriously, it’s great to see lacrosse growing. It means at least some of the sport mad people appreciate the game, and that’s all it takes to grow. Keep up the good work in Moscow!

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