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Video: Mesh Pocket Stringing by Krieg Shaw

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I’ve been stringing ever since I got my first stick. While I would sometimes end up with some truly questionable results, it was hugely beneficial to learn the proper way to string a stick and I was always fascinated to see what methods other people were using to string up their wands, and how it could help me learn.

This year and last year, I had a lot of my players asking how I string up own stick and if they could get it as their own pocket.

My pocket is pretty specific to my stick, in that the head I use is wider than most, and really stiff. This makes it great to string with a deep channel, and keeps the head sturdy enough to not whip out when I shoot or pass.

As Connor always says, this is A WAY to string up a head, not THE WAY! So check out my way, and let me know what you think:

If you have stringing questions, leave them below, and someone will get back to you soon!

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An Idaho Vandal through and through, Krieg Shaw played and coached in Moscow, Idaho and now resides in Boise helping grow the local lacrosse scene. Follow Krieg on Twitter and on Instagram.

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