Video: Rutgers Begins Fall Ball – New Gear Sponsors?


The Rutgers Lacrosse Team hit the field in preparation for the 2013 campaign and shot a short, but sweet, video from the first days on the green turf. A lot of HS helmets and last year’s lids out there… and all the freshman are wearing the same gloves, but they are not Warrior gloves, like the rest of team… interesting.

Most interesting is the play on the field, as Rutgers has a way to go if they want to climb the ladder in D1. Still, a good start for the Scarlet Knights so far, and the video is well done.

If Warrior is indeed out in New Jersey, Cascade must be in and if you look at the gloves you might have a guess as to which direction RU is going for their other pads. Or something else is happening here and we’re taking crazy pills.