VIDEO: Women’s Division 1 Lacrosse Previews & Highlights


We’ve got Highlights from the UMBC – George Mason Women’s Lacrosse game and a season preview for the Stony Brook Women’s Lacrosse team.  Now to our female readers:  Don’t think that just because we’re all lax guys spread around the country, playing coaching and writing about men’s lacrosse, that we’d forgetten about the ladies!  And no, we won’t treat you like pieces of meat who need to get us a sandwich.  We know you’re so much better than that and can lax it up on your own.  Anyway, that misogynistic attitude BS is disgusting.

We’re struggling to really comment on these highlights or teams because we just don’t know that much about the women’s game.  So instead of BSing you, we’ll just show you the videos.  But we’re telling you, if someone doesn’t start writing for us soon, Connor Wilson will probably try his hand at it and you just know that’s going to be plain awful.  SO… spare the internet from Connor writing about women’s lacrosse and help us cover the other half of the sport!

UMBC – George Mason Highlights

Stony Brook Season Preview