Vintage Lacrosse Equipment: One Last Shot

PG22-stx lacrosse gloves vintage
The best part about these apart from their own awesomeness, of course.

When one can find an older product just about anywhere, the product is referred to as outdated.  But when older products are much more rare, and hard to come by, they become Vintage.  Welcome to SportsOutfit’s Vintage Smorgasbord.

I have ordered old heads from these guys and been very pleased with all of them.  I got a SAM, Highwall, Air Attack, MX, and a superlight 2.  And they still have the heads up online!  Then I ordered a pair of grey, green and white Brine L-35s.  They were in MINT condition, and still in the original Brine bag!  And I wanted more…

And there was MORE!  Oh, boy was there more!

Sports Outfit now has PG22 gloves (STX), L-30s, L-33s, and SAG2 arm pads, all by Brine up on the site and they are all sure to go fast.  The best part about the whole deal?

PG22-stx lacrosse gloves vintage
The best part about these apart from their own awesomeness, of course.

The Gloves AND the Arm Pads only cost $20.00 per pair!  Are you kidding me?  Old School gear fest time!

I picked up a pair of orange and blue PG22s, Orange and blue Brine SAG2 Arm Pads (I’m going to look good and old this summer with Southampton LC!), red and white L-33s and Black, Orange and white L-30s.  Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to get this next package in the mail.  And I got it all for $80.  Money well spent.  My lacrosse collection is getting pretty legit again.

L30-Brine Lacrosse gloves vinatge
My rival HS (Wayland, MA) wore these colors. Still. Super awesome.
SAG2-2 Brine Arm Pads vintage
I better practice if I'm going to wear these. Need to be baller.


  1. I had a pair of the LAP12As in high school and they were awesome. I just picked up the STX version on eBay last week. I picked up 4 old school heads from sports outfit a few months ago, the air attack (my 1st head) a dominator, M1, and MD. I want to get more but I also want to stay married; it’s a delicate balance.

  2. Thank you Connor. Those are the exact PG22’s that I wore when we started the program at my HS in ’96. I tossed them out about 4 years ago because they were moldy and ripped to shreds. I’ve been looking on eBay for over a year trying to find these.

  3. I just had a flashback!! I wore red L33s all through high school. If yours are stiff now, they won’t get much better. They may soften a bit when you play and sweat…they the sweat dries and they harden right up again. My original arm pads were before these…no velcro and no hard plastic elbow piece…had to tape them to your arm to keep them from sliding into the gloves