Warrior Announces Middlebury Cleats


2010 Middlebury Warrior Burn 2

By now most of us know the story of Peter Kohn, the legendary team manager who passed away on August 5th of this year at the age of 77. Having played a huge role in the Middlebury College lacrosse program and Team USA, Peter Kohn was one of the most well known and beloved figures in the lacrosse world.

Dave Campbell, a recent Middlebury grad and close friend of Kohn’s, wrote a tribute piece which we published in August.

Today, thanks to a Middlebury lacrosse tweet, we found out Warrior has designed a special cleat for Middlebury in commemoration of Peter Kohn’s life:

2010 Middlebury Warrior Burn

We don’t have much information other than what Warrior has posted on their site (which pretty much absolutely nothing), but we sure hope to find more.

If there’s anyone from Middlebury out there who can fill us in, please do. Our guess is there are quite a few players out there who would love to wear these kicks in memory of Peter and so they could carry with them his joy for the game.