Watch A Lax Team Descend Into Madness After Quarantine


A U-21 lacrosse team from Australia was having a nice little trip to South Korea until swine flu decided to change their plans.  3 days later, the team is still quarantined in their lax bungalow and we’re one zombie outbreak / mysterious disappearance away from the beginning of a really good horror movie.

A few things to notice in the video that seem suspiciously kooky:

  • All of the mattresses have no sheets and seem to have been ripped off the bed frames and thrown to the floor
  • A player is clearly seen to watching some kind of X rated movie
  • One of them trying to work out by doing bench press with his lacrosse stick
  • The boys found a white conch shell and Piggy suggests that Ralph use the conch as a horn to call for any other survivors who might be nearby.

from The Australian:

“The players are isolated in their room, they can have their doors open and talk to each other, but they can’t leave their rooms.”

(Head Coach Bob Carter) said the team may still be able to compete – with seven members who arrived on an earlier flight and are not quarantined lining up with other international players to make up the numbers.

“We’re currently negotiating with the tournament director to make up the team with some players from the US team, Japan and perhaps even Korea so we can still compete,” he said.

“The team has worked extremely hard … it’s a bit of a disappointment to the lads.”

Those in quarantine include 17 players, six support staff, three parents and a sister. 


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