Watch The NLL Live This Year On The Lacrosse Network

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The NLL and The Lacrosse Network have worked out a deal where NLL games will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube via TLN this year, and that is GREAT news for lacrosse!

One of the major problems for the NLL has always been exposure. Old TV deals didn’t garner the viewership required to make it work and didn’t get the league on major channels often enough. While Livestream broadcasts last year were good, they weren’t great, and it’s clear the NLL needed a proven partner they could trust.

In steps The Lacrosse Network…

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TLN has done a great job with their LXM PRO coverage. They produce great live video feeds replete with excellent Chris Marshall commentary, and then go the extra mile by putting together highlight packages, and videos of the top plays from each game. Their passion for lacrosse is evident 24/7, and TLN does a fantastic job of presenting the game to a large chunk of the next generation of lacrosse players.

The entire season will be broadcast live (subject to some local black outs) and will be available world-wide, meaning lacrosse really has the chance to grow in terms of exposure in a major way. Accessibility has basically been increased 4529673 times from where it was.

To see what TLN does with games… check out the LXM PRO 602 from Arizona:

For more on the TLN/NLL Youtube broadcast deal, check out the press release on the NLL’s website. We’re thrilled to see the NLL and TLN team up on this broadcast deal, and we can guarantee we’ll be watching a whole lot more NLL lacrosse this Winter… will YOU?