Weekly Session #3 in the Pond with CL41


Welcome back lacrosse enthusiasts for another great post with yours truly CL41. Before we start this post off I’d like to apologize for the late post this week. With finals week and preparing for spring break games I’ve been really busy and did not have time to write one up last week. So, without further ado lets get into what’s coming up today, tomorrow, and Saturday.


If any of you have headed over to our site and seen what’s in store for us Ducks this spring break it’s pretty obvious that the big games going down this time of the season are happening in Cali. In the next 3 days we will be playing three top 25 MCLA teams, one of them being Chapman who is currently ranked #2 in the nation.

With that in mind, us Ducks know we have a target on our back because not only does this trip really show who’s some of the best competition in the MCLA, it also could determine who gets a chance to get an at-large bid to nationals. So, with that in mind us Ducks are starting off with SDSU tonight to see if they have been working on their target practice, followed by LMU Friday night, then finishing things off with Chapman on Saturday. Three big games in only three days. Not only will this test the strength and endurance of us Ducks but it will finally give us a chance to prove we are one of the top teams in the MCLA. We have had time to rest and work out the kinks on our team and we’re looking better than ever.

(Ed’s note: Oregon beat SDSU 10-9 on Thursday.)

The Oregon DefenseIf there is one thing you should all follow this week with our games it’s points being put up by the all stars on the other team. The reason I bring this up is because after going against them every day in practice and watching them in every game, even with some defensemen being injured, I feel that we have one of the hardest and strongest defenses in the nation that can shut down any top scorer on any team. With a top defense, a run-n-gun offense, and three games in three days against three top 25 teams in the MCLA, us Ducks are more than ready to rise to the challenge and prove we do deserve to be recognized as on of the elite programs in the MCLA today.

So, get ready everyone for some of the most electrifying and intense lacrosse action in three days. This is definitely a week you want to be following the Ducks as we go into each game with a bulls-eye on our back and a chip on our shoulders. Get ready for Vick and Ocho to be putting up buckets this week!


So with all this hype over this break and what not you might be thinking what the Ducks are doing to keep their cool down in Cali. Well, the other day we broke up into some groups, some headed to the happiest place on earth a.k.a. Disney Land while me and four other guys went where any Oregonian would want to go to while down in Cali, MANHATTAN BEACH!

We were fortunate to have a player on the team (Bordner Montagne) with a relative only known as “Uncle Rick” who lives right on the beach. It was my first time, and many others first time on such a nice beach surrounded by beautiful houses and most important, beautiful women.

We started this crazy beach trip off with Bo’s mom, Shelly, picking us up in the Escalade to take us to our paradise. Once there we did what any dudes would do, we headed straight down to the beach. While down on the beach we threw around the ol’ pigskin, tossed the lax ball of course, watched Bo try to teach Jamie “The Highlander” McClintock how to surf, and played some beach volleyball – which Misty May and Keri Walsch were practicing earlier on the beach but we missed them which did break my heart.

After that we had some tasty pizza and headed towards the pier where we got to see even more beautiful women but even more amazing dolphins jumping in and out of the water. We also got to watch some local fishers catch a sting ray which ended up stinging one of the guys so that was pretty funny. After our pier tour we took a nap and then had some bomb Mexican food at a place called Poncho’s with Bo’s mom and dad (Bill) who’s pretty much the man.

We had a curfew at 9pm so shortly after we had to leave behind the lovely Manhattan Beach and it’s babes for the hotel room and the dudes on the team. The memories will live on though thanks to Alex Craighead who remembered to bring his digital camera so pictures coming soon!!! The only crappy part about Manhattan Beach though had to be Jon Matusiefsky stepping in the hidden tar that the ocean washed up onto shore. It was gross and yes, this is common on this beach. Oh, and the other crappy part is we never got to meet this “Uncle Rick” legend that we had heard so much of cause just like the Ducks his nephew Bo plays for, he was hard at work.

Well this will conclude the weekly session lacrosse enthusiasts. Sorry no interview this time due to time but I promise there will be one next week before another huge game for the Ducks against currently ranked #3 SFU. So until next time lacrosse enthusiasts, stay classy!

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