West Coast Starz Crack National Rankings


Comparing talent from different regions of the country is tricky business.  However, if you’re an East Coaster looking to assert your area’s dominance you need not look further than the national U-19 tournament scene.  Historically when the best from the east are pitted against the best of the west, the east generally comes out on top.

But that doesn’t mean the west isn’t moving in the right direction, as proven by the recent honored bestowed upon the West Coast Starz travel club organization, which came in at #6 on Inside Lacrosse’s list of Top 10 clubs in the nation.

From the July issue:

“Starz has done an excellent job pulling together the West’s top talent during the summer club turn. Joey Kimpler (Junipero Serra, Calif.) is a top midfielder and all-state football running back prospect. Jake Bolwar (Chaparral, Ariz.) is an athletic LSM recruit who could turn heads. Sophomore Foster Wisman (North Shore, Wash.) is a defenseman who already stands 6-foot-4, and Kyle Runyon (Coronado, Calif.) is another strong attack prospect.”

To be fair, many of the other teams that have been ranked represent a much smaller region than the Starz, which is actually made up of a larger number of state and city specific club organizations.  At times, the best players from these organizations come together to form a greater regional team. 

Think Megazord from the Power Rangers:

Regardless, the fact that the best players from the West are garnering enough respect to find their way on to the list says a lot about how much progress is being made on this side of the rockies.  Nice work gentlemen.

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