Where Should LaxAllStars Grow The Game Next?

Marcus Craigwell Metrolacrosse white house lax
Marcus Craigwell (right) and Metrolacrosse (Boston) GTG at the White House!
Marcus Craigwell Metrolacrosse white house lax
Marcus Craigwell (right) and Metrolacrosse (Boston) GTG at the White House!

What Payu has done for Thailand Lacrosse is incredible, and the trip LAS took to Thailand was a huge success, but it got me thinking… Where do YOU, the readers, think LacrosseAllStars should travel to this year to Grow the Game?

We should head back to Thailand for another GTG event (Editor’s Note: We ARE going back), but where else should LAS turn its global sights? In the comments section below please let me know where you think we should go to grow the game of lacrosse… and why.  This isn’t a final poll, and a decision isn’t being made now, but we thought we’d get some first thoughts from our readers, especially since some of you will probably be coming with us!  We’re an inclusive bunch here at LAS, it’s just how we roll.

Germany? Lederhosen and Lacrosse?  Their lax scene is already going strong… we’d LOVE to see it firsthand!


Mexico Lacrosse
It's REAL! Mexico Lax.

Mexico? Lacrosse is just starting to hit the scene down there but it seems to be taking off!

Somewhere else? Argentina?  Let us know what you think!

Argentina Lacrosse
Lax in Argentina is young, but passionate!

Speaking of growing the game… help LaxAllSharks, LacrosseAllStars newest club team grow their fans on facebook here!


  1. Central California, we all know San Diego and The Bay Area are west coast LAX hot beds, but it has not reached Central California yet.  Please contact Todd Johnsons, president of the Central California Lacrosse Club located in Fresno California.  Some of those all-valley football players would make freat LAXers

  2. Germany’s lacrosse scene is going strong, and has already established a solid base with much of the European Lacrosse Federation operating from there. Next to Germany, England is the nation that is farthest developed when it comes to lacrosse. Countries that come to mind that could use major help in Europe are Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

    Other continents: Peru Lacrosse is just starting out, Mexico could use some help, as well as Argentina. 

    I would love to help out if you decide to do something in the Netherlands, as we need this sport to grow. There’s a lot of talent here, but just not enough professional coaching etc. 

  3. Gotta say for one I love the long explanation as to why we should come there. I for one have been to Maui before and have to say its an absolutely incredible place, with breath taking scenery and some of the nicest people around. I was wondering if maybe since we’re already going to Thailand could we hit Hawaii on our way back? Plus Hawaiian styled uni’s? Yes please. I’ll tell you one thing though, if we do go to Hawaii I am not eating Poi again. I heard it doubles as not only food but as a paste to hang up wall paper. Connor? Thoughts?

    • If you’re looking for somewhere to stop on the way to Thailand hit up some of the island nations like Samoa or something.  Not to get down on growing the game in Hawaii, but if they are already getting recognition from top name pro players, have a few big tournies for all ages, and have youth club leagues that are close to becoming high school sports, they are doing better than lacrosse all up and down the West Coast.  The island nations love sports almost more than anyone, and can you imagine a team of high school aged Samoan rugby players turned lacrosse all stars? 

      • Beg to differ with the statement “they are doing better than lacrosse all up and down the West Coast”…

        The game is present on Oahu and Big I, but its pretty sparse on the other islands.

        Maui is ripe for development- there was a push to get it started a couple years back, a lot of gear was donated but nothing came of it.

         According to http://www.schooltree.org info for Maui County, HI, there are: 17 public elementary schools (K-5th/6th), 9 private elementary schools (generally K-8th), 5 public middle schools (6th-8th), 8 public high schools (9th-12th but some 7th-12th), and 5 private high schools (7th-12th) that could possibly field teams. The opportunity for growth and competition is enormous.