Which Type of Pocket is the Best?


This week’s Reader Poll goes viral, we want to reach out to our readers and see which pocket YOU feel is the best pocket in the game. We know, we know, it’s all personal preference! There has to be some reasoning to it though, right? Which pocket is the most consistent day in and day out? Which one has the most personalization so you can make it truly yours? Which one is going to help you become the best lacrosse player you can be?

Which pocket do YOU think reigns supreme?

Hard Mesh, Soft Mesh, Waxed Mesh, Pita Pocket, Diamond Traditional, or some other miscellaneous traditional-type pocket?

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    • East Coast Mesh is affected by weather. Once it breaks in it is not fully water proof and the mesh starts to bag out a little. The mesh also gets stiffer in cold weather and softer in hot weather.

      At StringKing, we started coating lacrosse mesh with wax about 5 years while playing in college. Once we graduated college we decided that we wanted to make better lacrosse mesh. 

      We have developed a new type of lacrosse mesh. The mesh is made with new yarn materials that are unaffected by weather, new coating materials and processing for a quicker break in time and improved durability, diamond size accurate to within .3% to insure your pocket comes out the same every time. 

      The mesh is definitely a step up from standard nylon mesh dipped in wax.