Why Are We Even Posting This Week? Lacrosse Drop!

Uganda Beach Lacrosse
Beach Lacrosse is fun, growing and great way to train!

If there is one week per year where I personally like to take some time off from writing and catch up on EVERYTHING else I have to do, this is the week.  And it’s not because of the Holidays, or because there isn’t anything good out there to write about.  It’s simply because 412 Lax is hosting Winter Fashion Week starting today and ending on the 31st of December.  This year WFW is being sponsored by Lacrosse Panda, and I’ve previewed some of the content behind the scenes… And it’s going to be out of this world!

Lacrosse Winter Fashion Week
Yes, this is going to be epic.

So in the meantime, we’ll offer some quick stories here and there on the mothership, stick to the regular daily features, give you a couple Lacrosse Drops, and keep reminding you to check out Winter Fashion Week.  Nobody does it better.  Actually I don’t think anyone else does this at all.  Expect that to change!

And now on to your regularly scheduled Lacrosse Drop, which includes a Music Monday at the end!

Quite Possibly Our Favorite Photo Of The Year

Thanks to Jay Motta for the ok to publish this shot of his two youngsters going at it nice and early!

kids lacrosse helmet fight wrestle brothers
12 Rounds. Ready, go!



Honestly, how could you not be after watching the video below?  Mickey Stolzenberg, we salute you!!!


Godzilla Makes A Return To Thailand

Over on the Thailand Blog, Godzilla is breathing fire.  Serious electric giant lizard fire.  Godzilla is pissed, and from the sounds of things, rightfully so!  More than one person drew the ire of the big green guy with a tail and we get the feeling like some proverbial heads are going to roll.  There is also more info on the upcoming TLA movie, “For King and Country”, some gear talk and did I hear that right?  A Lacrosse tournament in Bangkok? Wow.


Only Jovan Miller Could Pull These Off

He’s a Mav guy, so we probably won’t see JoviNation23 rocking these anytime soon, but I honestly think he’s the only person on the planet who could pull these off.  They’d match his stick at least.  Under Armour cleats via Eastbay.  I might have to get a pair actually.  Woozles ho!

Under Armour Nitro III Low molded lacrosse cleat
So gaudy! I like that.


Uganda Lacrosse Update – Beach Lacrosse & Stepping Up Training

Ibra Jafar emailed me the other day with an update on lacrosse in Uganda and I just love what we’re seeing!!!!  He wished us all wel and wanted to let us know that they were making further strides with beach lacrosse!  They got another day in on the sand and plan on increasing the level of organization.  This is a great training tool, and I love seeing Ibra and the rest of the players shooting on such a small goal.  Skill building!

Uganda Beach Lacrosse
Beach Lacrosse is fun, growing and great way to train!

But that’s not it for Uganda!  They are also devising a system to honor players each day who perform well in the hopes of increasing training intensity and improvement and discipline.  The Ugandans involved in lacrosse are clearly taking it very seriously, and when they send a team to Denver in 2014, they could definitely surprise some teams!  It seems like they are playing as much lacrosse as almost anyone I know, and we all know that’s how a team becomes great!

Uganda Beach Lacrosse
Going hard on the beach.

Many thanks to Ibra for the continued updates and leadership with Uganda Lacrosse!!!!

Uganda Beach Lacrosse Ibra Jafar
Shooting on small goals will make anyone better.


Reader Art Submission – Laxmas by Aurora Doehring

We always love getting some home made stuff submitted and this Laxmas sketch by Aurora Doehring is no exception!  Thanks for sending it in, Aurora, this would be a great ornament for your tree next year!

Laxmas drawing Aurora Doehring
Merry Laxmas to you too, Aurora!


Inside Lacrosse Offers Solid Cash Purse For Summer Tournament!

When I saw that IL was offering $25,000 to the winners of their summer tournament, the Powerball Tourney in Atlantic City, I immediately thought to myself that it was a interesting idea.  The difference between some of the pros and some of the club circuit guys isn’t THAT huge, especially when you add in current college players, and this is definitely a good way to make a splash in the already saturated East Coast summer tourney circuit.  But the one thing that came up for me is that players will be competing for money… and doesn’t that make them pros at some level?  And the answer is yes.  That is why college players can NOT compete in the “Money Division”.  As it says on the Powerball website, “Maybe next year, son”.  Nice.

It’s a tough sell to introduce a new tournament in the summer, but IL picked a pretty decent weekend for it.  July 20-22 is good and relatively open, but Tahoe, Glastonbury, Greenport and a number of other tourneys already exist in the surrounding weeks.  The fact is, IL had to offer money to get the word out there… otherwise it would have been lost in the crowd of existing tournaments.  I’m not a huge fan of Atlantic City, but I know there are those that are!  The tourney has potential simply because IL is running it, but I’m not so sure it’s going to be a game changer in it first year.


Cornell’s THIRD Nike Glove Of 2012

For some reason Cornell has three different Nike Lacrosse gloves this year.  Almost all red, almost all white, and now, you guessed it, a red AND white pair.  They’ve done more with only two colors than we ever thought possible.  I’m a big fan of these Vapor Elite models, and honestly, I’m pumped Nike didn’t change a thing for year 2 of the mitten.

Cornell Nike Lacrosse Gloves
Sweet white fingers.

Courtesy Nike Lacrosse’s facebook page.



For this week’s Music Monday we’re keeping it short and sweet.  One hot song to get you going.  If you’ve heard it before, you’re awesome.  If not, you’re welcome.  Let’s get ready for New Year’s!

Movits! – Skjut Mig I Huvet

Your guess as to what they’re saying is as good or bad as mine.  No idea.  But these Swedes sure is swinging.