Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Summer Lacrosse Style

Two-tone? Tommy? Yes.

Every summer it seems like the goal of most lacrosse players is to pick up as much sweet custom gear as possible and play in a ton of lax tourneys all over the country.  I’ve been scouring the internet for some of the sweetest gear available and this post will showcase just a bit of what I’ve found so far… enjoy!

We already talked about Maverik’s Elite Team uniforms from last week in Vail.  They looked good, played very well and won the whole thing in their first year out in Colorado.  We’ll give you one more look though…

Sean Lindsay repping Maverik out in Vail. Sick lax.

Also out in Vail was the Brine/Brine Elite League team made up of mostly East Coasters located in the Boston area.  The Elite League has been running in Massachusetts for decades now every summer and I’ve played in the league 5-6 summers.  The quality of play is high and intense because let’s face it, that’s just how Massholes roll.  Brine went with a really classic look and pulled it off with great success.

Brine is rocking the classic New England lax summer look...

Another team that was out in Vail was the Jagermeister Masters team and these guys always look good.  2010 was no exception.  I’m hoping I might get to start playing with these guys next year as I turn 30 on Friday July 9th.  I am now officially an old man.  Maybe I can keep my youthful appearance if I start rocking a hockey helmet.  Who knows?

Sweet uniforms, sweet marcmesh, questionable bucket but whatever.

We’re also seeing new lids for some teams and the visual revolution continues.  Cascade has modified their extremely popular helmets and they now feature a spoiler/tail that seems to offer no real advantage.  The helmets still look and function fantastically and tail or no tail, Cascade still has the helmet game on lockdown.

Brine must be trying to get into that echelon of helmets because they are showing off a two-tone version of their top helmet for Team Canada.  I am jealous and want one of these lids LIKE NOW!

Two-tone? Tommy? Yes.

We’re also seeing some interesting moves being made with chinstraps being dyed and painted.  The Woozles are dyeing pink chin straps and I think I just might pick up a new white chin strap and dye that bad boy as well.  For my first project I’ll probably try to mimick what can seen below but was done with marker…  GREAT IDEA and the execution will come eventually!

checkerboard chin strap? don't mind if I do!

I’ll be back with more sweet summer gear as the season progresses.  With tourneys like War on the Shore, Placid and number of other tourneys still to come, you can expect to peep a lot of fresh gear in the coming months.  You can also try to find some Wandmagico gear but good luck!  I won a tshirt in a Twitter contest so they’re definitely worth a follow.  The gear is produced in extremely limited numbers and that only makes me want it more.

I love sweet Ts! and Sweet Tea.

About the Author: Connor is a life-long lacrosse player who doesn’t know when to give up on the game. He played and coached at Wesleyan University and now plays for the Southampton LC in NYC. Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

Contact him at connor@lacrosseallstars.com.


  1. the chinstrap was actually done with fabric paint. unfortunately i think the surface of the chinstrap was too smooth and it ended up smearing and looking kinda messy. Next time i may sand the surface before and/or try to tape the edges before painting. other option would be to just dye the four straps one at a time.

    • is there a new curved face mask for boxla that I don't know about? I've seen the chrom masks, the black masks, the new low profile masks and others but that looks like a hockey mask to me!
      I love box helmets as much as the next guy but to me that looks like something you'd play puck in.

  2. Those are Jager's shorts from last year and a random jersey. This year's set up is WAY sicker. That guy is a gun for hire (and not that bad. I gave him props for the Marc Mesh, too.). I jumped on with the staff team on Sunday and he was playing with them. I saw him play for another team or two the rest of the tourney, but he didn't play with us.

    If you play for Jager next year we may have to work on a special project together. Planning on going back out with those guys next year. I didn't realize Katagas played in Gotham. Most dramatic shift in personalities on/off field. Awesome guy and a great keeper.

    Not feeling the two tone Brine lids. They look like motorcycle helmets. I don't understand why they don't go with the Cascade rip offs. Disappointed USA is doing anything similar to Canada uni wise.