Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.


The fourth week of Ulax proved successful for the team.  We took on another one of the top teams in Dirt McGirt and pulled out the 8-4 win to up our record to 1-3.  We probably split offense-defense with Dirt, but we really picked it up on our “special teams.”  LAS dominated on faceoffs and goaltending as Vinnie Ricasio, aka the Art of Lax, stood on his head and made save after save.  We focused on Dirt’s top offensive producer, played inside-out D and moved the ball well using a 2-2-2 offense for much of the game.

That 2-2-2 is working for you LAS!

Basic structure (and good special teams) can make a huge difference when you never practice.  We didn’t do anything miraculous but playing like a team in all aspects of the game and moving the ball took us a long way.  A little structure also makes the game more fun as people know what they’re doing on a basic level and it cuts down on the amount of total bonehead plays one can make on a Sunday morning.

A bunch of us stayed on for the second game, as both teams were just a little short on numbers and as usual, goalies were in hot demand.  It’s almost as if all the goalies call each other the night before and plan when they won’t show up. Nice.  The weather was pretty perfect for lacrosse as there was a slight wind and the temperature was in the mid to high 60’s.  Thankfully, the weather has really cooperated so far this fall and we haven’t had any games ruined by rain. on D, ready to throw some junk.

2/3 of the way through, is the only undefeated team left at 4-0.  They are the clear cut favorites to win but weirder things have happened.  Dirt McGirt, the Gotham Goats and Team Duh? are all sitting at 3-1 while, Team Jug and Team America are all 1-3.  Those Bad Johnnies are the lone winless team at 0-4.

Briggs Thompson (Dirt McGirt), Robert Trasolini (Team Jug), Drew Evans (, Chris Born (Gotham Goats) and Andrew Lucas ( were the league leaders in points through 3 games although if some guys put up big points this weekend, those names could change as a number of other players are right behind them.  Brandon Baer for is leading the league in goaltending with a 67% save percentage.