Women’s Lacrosse: No Pads, No Helmets, No Problem

Women's Lacrosse team huddle
Sticks up!

Editor’s Note:  We’ve heard complaints that we don’t feature enough Women’s Lacrosse content.  It was totally justified.  But we didn’t want to find just anyone, or cover it ourselves – that wouldn’t be fair to the game. We needed someone awesome who LOVES Women’s Lax, and we’ve finally found that person! Her name is Hannah and she brings the pain in a great way. We couldn’t be happier to have her on board! Take it away, Hannah!

Very few places on the vast expanse of the internets offers regular updates of women’s lacrosse coverage. Here at LAS, I want to change that.

My name is Hannah and I play lacrosse at Clarkson University in the North Country of New York. I am originally from New Hampshire and started playing lacrosse there in 4th grade. I am a goalie and love it.  I came to Clarkson for the rare combination of Aeronautical Engineering and Women’s Lacrosse.

Throughout this spring, I will be giving regular updates on general news pertaining to the women’s game, documenting my team’s travels and season, and throwing in some general ranting.

We leave for Florida tomorrow. Wicked excited (Editor’s note: yup, she’s from New England all right!). It just snowed a foot on Monday, and I’m super tired of having to wait for the turf to be plowed off.

I love women’s lacrosse.

You may say it’s boring, there are too many whistles, and it’s easy.

I say false.

Watch a quality NCAA game, that is refereed well, and you will be entertained.

Watch this quality pump up video and you will be entertained. Good luck Louisville!!!

The support they get from their athletic department is legit. Wish all schools were like that.

Big Games This Weekend!!!!


D1 – California @ Northwestern (yay CAL and their reinstated program!!!)

D3 – Cortland @ St. Lawrence


D1 –  Syracuse @ Maryland

Virginia @ North Carolina

D3 – Colby @ Williams

Connecticut College @ Trinity

Middlebury @ Bates

Stevenson @ Franklin & Marshal

Tufts @ Amherst


D3 – Cortland @ The College of New Jersey

Salisbury @ Roanoke

NCAA D3 Women’s Lacrosse is starting to get into the swing of things. The NESCAC is finally playing and the Northeast can pray for the snow to melt.

Time to go finish my Aircraft Structure homework. Make sure to keep checking out LAS for future coverage of women’s lacrosse!