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Wondering What To Do For A Pre-Game Team Pump Up?


Performing a Haka with the team is clearly the best way to intimidate your opponent pre-game. I don’t ever want to see these guys on the field…

Some background on the haka:

The All Blacks, the international rugby union team of New Zealand, famously perform a haka (Māori traditional dance) immediately prior to all international matches. The Haka is also performed by other New Zealand national teams, such as the Kiwis (rugby league) and the Tall Blacks (men’s basketball).

New Zealand Lacrosse Haka at 2006 World Lacrosse Championships

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Four years of Varsity lax in high school and 2 state titles and a little college ball under the belt. Barton is writing to spread the thrill that lax has brought to his life. Friends call him Wildfire because he's out of control. And sometimes he burns things.


  • When I lived in Perth back in 2001 there was a large population of Maori in the area. I played American Football and drank copious amounts of VB with some of the guys. They have an amazing culture and are real competitors. On average, they are also HUGE and fast. Awesome to see lax taking off in NZ… Australia has a legit team so it should only have been a matter of time. The Maori are one of the largest native populations to still exist after British colonization and I could see them picking up lacrosse as a new favorite sport without a doubt.

  • Middlebury rugby does the haka, and i can tell you from personal experience that it does more to pump up the opposing team than instill fear or intimidation.

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