Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp, Corvallis Day 2

Grow the Game!!!!!. Want to be cool like Coach. Get yours today in the lacrosse shop!

The second day was underway and after a nice early hardy breakfast and waking up those campers that couldn’t manage to get up after the first wake-up call, they were out on the field ready to play some lax. Although a little groggy after the excitement of the first day the kids woke up quick after a good long static stretch.

Ready, Set, Go
Static Stretching.

The kids were then broken up into groups according to age. I was placed with the younger group with Coach Card. Today’s goal: Master the behind the back and the around the world passes. I have to say I found myself trying the around the world after the session on the wall after receiving a few pointers from the pros.

BTB’s for Days!

After the kids mastered these trick passes (some kids were truly masters) they all enjoyed a nice water break and listened to Coach Sean and Coach Karalunas explain the finer points of the fast break. Coach Sean was quick to explain how, offensively, spacing was key and conversely Coach Karalunas explained that packing it in may be the defenses only hope in stopping this unfortunate situation.

Karalunas explaining fast break defense. Pack it in boys!!
Grow the Game tee sighting!!!!!. Want to be cool like Coach. Get yours today in the lacrosse shop!

After a quick continuous 4 v 3 drill the kids were off to the mess hall to grab a healthy serving of food. On the menu for this Coach: Sub Sandwich. Very impressed with Oregon State’s dining facilities and judging by the silence in the dining hall I would say the kids approved as well.

After a quick nap and scolding three kids after the effectively tried to sled down four flights of stairs, we were back out on the field ready for the afternoon session. This wasn’t before the unveiling of the new speaker cooler designed by Coach Shelling. Check this puppy out.

The cadillac of speaker coolers.
The Inards of the device. Built from marine speakers so can be used near water to.

After some quick line drills to get the feet loose again the kids were presented with a quick presentation on the 6v6 offensive set presented by most of the coaches of the camp. After a few slow mo demos we were able to go full speed. Very impressed with the ability that Coach Card has keeping that ball in his stick (I would like to reference the fact that he is Canadian and that all the coaches were playing token defense). Nonetheless, he was putting on a show.

Clinic time
All you kids out there had better be listening. Or else!!

The kids were then divided back into groups and we ran some half field 6 v 6. I was put with the younger kids. It was hard to get this concept across to them at such a young age but eventually we transitioned from Beehive defense (Everyone attack the man with the ball) to something that resembled man to man defense.

Explaining man to man defense to the young guns.

After a successful afternoon session the campers were given a little break to relax, nap, eat and get geared up for the nights games. Rivalries had formed from the first night and campers were eager to go out there and WIN! On the way back to my room I even saw one of the older teams having a team meeting in the stairwell (Thats the spirit). Was excited to lead the Narwhals and hopefully extend our winning streak from the previous night.

Before the night games began, the coaches decided it would be beneficial to give the campers a brief tutorial on the art of the faceoff. Goes to show that this camp truly tries to coach it all! You never know, we may have the next Chris Eck hidden in this camp (unfortunately we are not related).

Face Off Demo.

Following the face off demo, the games began. These kids were itching to get out on that field and play in a competitive setting. The Narwhals had a tough first game but scraped by with a 1-0 win (it was a defensive battle). We had a break as Coach Nick and Coach Butters battled it out. Coach Nicks team was running through the competition being anchored by their zone defense. We ended up falling to Coach Nick 4-1. Gave us a lot to work on for tomorrow nights games though!!!

The Narwhals scout their future competition