Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp: Olympia, Day 4

Coach Rosenberg preparing the campers for the day.

The last full day of Xcelerate Lacrosse camp is complete! Campers got to work on their shooting and defense thanks to some great coaching and then things got tricky with some afternoon competitions.

To start the morning we got together for a little shooting demo from Coach O’Neill, going over time-and-room shooting, on-the-run shooting and close shooting. After the short demo, the offensive players broke into stations while the defensive guys got some quality one-on-one time with Coach Malcolm Chase.

Shooting drills!

After some solid drill time we moved into a quick round of scrimmages for the guys with a lot of great coaching to help out. Coaches were right out in the action, stopping play from time to time and working with guys to fine tune their skills and play. You could definitely tell that the shooting drills helped a lot and the first set off scrimmages today ended up being some of the highest scoring matches so far this week.

Coach O’neill getting right in the action.

With a couple full days of tough sessions under their belt, the campers were rewarded with a nice afternoon of competitions and games. The fastest shot, best trick shot, accuracy contest and the very popular ball hunt competitions were staying busy and full of excitement. You have to watch the video though, especially the ball hunt contest, very special.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. Coach Zarchin really bought into this competition and gave his all as a coach.

During the night session we regrouped into the teams and had a couple games before the Xcelerate Coaches vs. Campers game. I was lucky enough to able to take part in it and it was a blast. The campers (high schoolers only for safety reasons) really showed their stuff and brought the heat, but the coaches were able to pull away with a 4-2 victory in the short game.

Coach Rosenberg preparing the campers for the day.

For our last interview of the week, I wanted to get a few questions with Coach Matt Rosenberg. Not only was he the first guy to welcome me on to the staff, but he fearlessly led the coaches this week and kept the campers in line throughout all the drills and activities. He’s a great guy and has been with Xcelerate for several years now. Coach Rosenberg coaches down in San Diego while he isn’t working with Xcelerate. Check it out!

Coach Rosenberg is a special guy and he says it really well in his interview. Don’t get me wrong, Xcelerate has some big names of the game helping them out, but those who aren’t widely known are still just as qualified to do a top-notch job coaching. All of their coaches are great fundamental guys and know the game like the back of their hand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, passionate coaches = motivated campers and great camps. Keep up the good work Xcelerate!