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1 Lacrosse Interviews Chazz Woodson

Chazz + Tiger Woodson lacrosse
Chazz has the eye of the Tiger.

Editor’s note: 1 Lacrosse recently signed Chazz Woodson (see the full press release on Sweet Sweet Lax!) as their first-ever sponsored athlete. And since they advertise with us, we thought it would be really cool to have them interview their own sponsored player, so check it out below – 1 Lacrosse gets the honors of interviewing Chazz!

So, by now we guess you’ve heard that the King of Razzle-Dazzle, Chazz Woodson, has signed on to be our first sponsored player here at 1 Lacrosse. The six year verteran of the MLL and former MLL all-star is currently on the LXM Pro Tour, and we got some great face to face Q&A time with him on the LXM’s most recent stop, the LXM 610, in Radnor, PA.

How do you think you can benefit from 1 Lacrosse at this point in your career?

Chazz Woodson: 1 Lacrosse is providing me another opportunity to associate myself with a top name in the lacrosse industry. I’ve been very fortunate thus far, to have had success whenever people have taken chances on me, and though I’ve been kind of low key for a few years, I think the timing is perfect for this partnership as I work my way back into the lacrosse world’s public eye, both on and off the field. Additionally, 1 Lacrosse is a company built around good people. In everything I do, I like to align myself with good people because success is always dependent upon the people with which we surround ourselves.

+ 1 for GOOD PEOPLE!

How can you help 1 Lacrosse grow with your professional endorsement?

Chazz Woodson: It’s a blessing, that despite my last two seasons of MLL being hampered by injury and trades, I’ve still managed to maintain a name that carries some weight throughout the lacrosse community. As such, I think I will be able to help 1 Lacrosse become a household name among competitors of all ages.

Defined as: Humble Swagger

Is there anything you’d like to pass on to younger players to help them reach the next level?

Chazz Woodson: 1. Be honest with yourself about where your game is – how skilled you are, how fit you are, how much you know about the game. From there decide where you want to be and set your goals. You won’t be able to get to where you’d like to be until you understand and are honest with yourself about where you are.

2. Commit yourself to your goals. What are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? How hard are you willing to work? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill your dreams, or accomplish your goals?

3. Be disciplined enough to stick to it. Things will not always go your way, on or off the field. you may not progress at the rate that you’d like to. Still, you have to focus and commit to it, or it will never happen.

Hope you guys are paying attention, re-read the above over and over until it sinks in!

At this point in your career, how do you feel your game has evolved?

Chazz Woodson: I’m starting to rely less on my athletic ability and more on my understanding of the game, my lacrosse IQ, and being a smarter player. By no means have I abandoned my exciting style of play, but I’m also learning, now to be an effective and dangerous player without having the ball.

Chazz is a GTGer!

Hmmm…Chazz “Danger” Woodson…could be a hit.

Chazz getting involved with 1 Lacrosse started several months ago when 1 Lacrosse made shafts for the LXM event in Orange County, CA. Brian DeSpain, the President of 1 Lacrosse, had more to say on meeting Chazz:

“I was first introduced to Chazz through our sponsorship of the LXM Pro Tour earlier this year. We made a custom LXM Pro shaft that he and a few other players could use during the game. After the game, Chazz had some good feedback about the shafts, and showed genuine interest in helping us make the best lacrosse shaft possible. When we made the decision this year that the 1 Lacrosse brand was ready for a high-profile, professional endorsement, Chazz was the first guy who came to mind. His electrifying style of play on the lacrosse field, and his charismatic personality off the field makes Chazz a perfect fit for our brand.”

Wise words from the boss man.

With Chazz on board, 1 Lacrosse’s media motor is firing on all cylinders. All the media outlets online and in your mail box will be featuring 1 Lacrosse’s brand new product line-ups and Chazz Woodson. So be on the look out for the latest and greatest from us. And if you thought we’re happy about being involved with Chazz, read on to see what he has to say about it!

What’s your excitement level to be on the LXM Pro Tour and having a new 1 Lacrosse sponsorship?

Chazz Woodson: Off the charts. I’m finally healthy and feeling like my old self. I think I’m finally hitting the place in my playing career that I’ve been waiting to get to. My game is a little more well rounded, and I’m still competing with and against the best players around. Having the endorsement on top of that is awesome. I especially like 1 Lacrosse, because without question, I believe in the product.

1 Lacrosse cutter shaft
High quality product comes in EVEN MORE colors!

Yeah, he’s 100% again… 100% awesome that is! Watch his videos at

As the King of Razzle Dazzle, you have any signature moves or new moves in the works?

Chazz Woodson: “Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

… Spoken like a legend!

Do you prefer a specific 1 Lacrosse handle for your style of play? How has it helped you in your game?

Chazz Woodson: Love the Cutter C155. Lightweight, awesome texture, a little flex, strong. What more can you ask for? I also like the stealth black. It’s definitely a good look.

Lookin’ good and feelin’ good. What more could you ask for?

All in all, the 1 Lacrosse family and Chazz are really excited about the upcoming year working together. Stay tuned for for updates from 1 Lacrosse and be sure to head on over to our Facebook page for the latest on our 2012 Line Up, Chazz Woodson and lacrosse news.

Editor’s note: 1 Lacrosse has also been known to give away a handle or two, so check in daily for the latest contests! In fact, we’ll do you one further – check in with Sweet Sweet Lax this Wednesday for an exclusive 1 Lacrosse contest. You heard it hear first!