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Oregon Lacrosse Classic 2015 - Bend, OR
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101 Moments From The 2015 Oregon Lacrosse Classic

Lacrosse All Stars recently had the privilege of attending the 2nd annual Oregon Lacrosse Classic (OLC). Hosted in Bend, Oregon, by Rhino Lacrosse Company, this year’s tournament featured one-hundred and eighteen boys lacrosse teams, U11 through HS Elite.

Knowing the role Bend plays as Central Oregon’s gateway to outdoor recreation, it has always seemed like the perfect destination for a youth-focused summer lacrosse tournament in the Pacific Northwest. Our experience at the Oregon Lacrosse Classic proved that.

From mountain-biking and river-rafting to golfing, to touring the Bend Ale Trail (the largest beer trail in the West) or relaxing in the Old St. Francis School soaking pool, there is literally something fun for everyone in the family to do during a stay in Bend. It’s no wonder they call it “the mountain town that has it all.”

Drawing teams from as far as Montana, Colorado, and central California, the tourney featured a nice blend of talent, competition, and genuine fun. Held at four field venues, the majority of the games were played a Fraley Ranch and Bend’s Big Sky Complex, where food trucks and lacrosse vendors were set up. 101 photos representing the thousands upon thousands of memorable action-packed moments that occurred throughout the weekend are featured above.

My favorite moment came on the second day of the tournament during a heated game between two Portland-based teams. With seconds left on the clock, Xcelerate was about to defeat Rhino Silver. As he cleared the ball across the midline in front of his own bench, an Xcelerate player decided to show off his streetball moves.

Oregon Lacrosse Classic 2015 - Bend, OR

Whether he landed it or not is beside the point. I just enjoyed watching a young Portland high school lacrosse player bust out some creativity! Tournaments like the Oregon Lacrosse Classic offer up the perfect offseason training grounds for players to try out new moves.

Learn more about the Oregon Lacrosse Classic at, and stay tuned for’s full tournament review..