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2013 CityLax Southampton Shootout Highlights

The 2013 CityLax Southampton Shootout went off on Saturday, August 24th without a hitch. Teams showed up ready to play, the weather was beautiful, the fields were cleanly lined and mowed, and the lacrosse atmosphere was ideal!

Alumni teams, sponsored corporate teams, and groups of friends all showed their class on and off the field, and there were plenty of smiles to go around. While this charity tournament doesn’t crown a champion, that doesn’t mean the games aren’t intense. Tufts Alumni went 3-0 on the day, and the Budmen and Streaker Sports played a fantastic high level game, where plenty of Princeton alumni got after it.

No one goes to this tournament and leaves with a frown on their face. Not the players, not the organizers, and not the fans and family who come out to watch. It’s an all around good time, and as you can see above, the lacrosse is pretty darn good!

For more, check out the LOL-worthy goal below, this showtime spinning goal, and a quick video from the Wesleyan – Tufts Alumni game.