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Understanding the 2015 NLL Trade Deadline

Starting on March 30th, the National Lacrosse League really got shaken up as a ton of key players found new clubs to call home. The NLL trade deadline madness all started with the Minnesota Swarm trading Andrew Suitor to the New England Black Wolves in exchange for Joel White and their second round selection in the 2017 Entry Draft.


The captain of the Swarm? The guy they put on billboards? But Joel White is having an incredible year and dominates the transition game. No matter how you slice it, it’s crazy.

Guys like Logan Schuss and Cam Flint were granted moves to help with their off-the-field lives, moving them closer to home while Andrew Suitor and Garrett Billings were sent outside of their comfort zones to add veteran skill and experience to a young organization.

Tuesday at March 31st. 3pm ET was the cutoff for making moves and now that the dust has settled, here’s the breakdown of some of the key trades that happened at the NLL trade deadline.

Minnesota Swarm

Johnny Powless Minnesota Swarm NLL Photo Credit: Scott Pierson

Gained: Joel White, Johnny Powless, 2nd Rd 2016 Pick (COL), 2nd Rd 2017 Pick (NE), 3rd Rd 2016 Pick (COL)

Lost: Andrew Suitor, Logan Schuss, Cam Flint

Why?: Cam Flint and Logan Schuss needed to move home to make everyone’s lives easier. Minnesota has been looking for new life the past two years, maybe moving Suitor and bringing in the draft picks, picking up the ground ball king and moving the 3x NLL Champion closer to home is going to be what it takes.

New England Black Wolves

Gained: Andrew Suitor, Garret Billings

Lost: Joel White, Kevin Crowley, 2nd Rd 2017 Pick (MN)

Garrett Billings New England Black Wolves Photo Credit; Scott pierson

Why?: New England gains two Canadians with years of proven experience. Unfortunately they lose a talented Joel White and their leader Crowley in the deal. They needed to shake things up to get some wins, let’s see if these guys can buy into it.

Buffalo Bandits

Gained: Jamie Batson, 2nd Rd 2016 Pick (ROC), 2nd Rd 2017 Pick (ROC)

Lost: Joe Resetarits, 3rd Rd 2016 Pick (ROC)

Why?: I have no idea why they wanted Jamie Batson, the guy has played 8 games in 4 years and second round picks in ’16 and ’17 don’t seem worth it for Resetarits, but this whole deal seemed rushed anyway.

Rochester Knighthawks

Gained: Joe Resetarits, 3rd Rd 2016 Pick (BUF)

Lost: Jamie Batson, 2nd Rd 2016 Pick (BUF), 2nd Rd 2017 Pick (BUF)

Why?: This seems like a win for Rochester. Last year Joe had a career high 42 points and although you take him away from his hometown, he’s still an Upstate guy only an hour further from home.

Colorado Mammoth

Gained: Cam Flint

Lost: 2nd Rd 2016 Pick (MN), 3rd Rd Pick 2016 (MN)

Why?: Cam needed to get back to Denver where he’s living and played his college ball. He’s been asking for it all year so it’s great that the Swarm would honor it.

Toronto Rock

Gained: Kevin Crowley

Lost: Garrett Billings

Why?: I’m sure it’s going to be tough for the organization to lose a staple like Billings but Kevin Crowley is a big body that has years left in the tank. Although he didn’t move much closer to home, Crowley can help shape the new guard that the Rock has been riding on all season.

Calgary Roughnecks

Gained: 3rd Rd 2015 Pick (EDM)

Lost: Matthew Dinsdale

Why?: After this season the Roughnecks are going to need some serious rebuilding. The team that won the West last year lost game after game in 2015. Dinsdale’s righty side wasn’t producing, so they needed to make room for next year and it’s time to make some picks.

Edmonton Rush

Gained: Matthew Dinsdale

Lost: 3rd Rd 2015 Pick (CGY)

Why?: Dinsdale has been a decent righty for the past two seasons stuck in 2015 on a team that has no capability of producing. Gambling a 3rd round pick seems to be a good bet for the Rush.

Vancouver Stealth

Gained: Logan Schuss

Lost: Johnny Powless

Why?: It probably wasn’t fair to put so many eggs in the Powless basket earlier this season but Logan Schuss is the reigning Rookie of the Year, a BC star and the perfect lefty replacement. Schuss will be a great locker room guy for the club too, which is what the team is built on. Powless wanted to get away but maybe Vancouver was just too far.

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Thursday at 3 pm ET finalized rosters were submitted and now only roster moves within the club with no permitted free agents signings are permitted.

With only 5 weeks left things are going to get a bit spicy heading toward playoffs. No one is safe, except for the Rock who are the only team to have clinch a playoff berth before the weekend. The race is on to sink or swim in the final stretch.