Brooklyn Dodgers Team LaxAllStars Photo: Larry Palumbo / Coyote Magic Action Shots LASNAI North American Invitational box lacrosse 2016 lasnai
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2017 LASNAI – 21 Teams Announced!

The 2017 LASNAI field has been set, TWENTY-ONE teams have signed up to compete for the trophy this year, and Round Robin pool groups will be announced on Saturday!

On top of all that, the pool group draw will take place LIVE, in between the 3rd place game and championship game for the Frank Menschner Cup, at around 730pm local Czech time on Saturday! For those in North America who want to watch, the draw will take place around 130pm ET.

We will have a round robin pool group draw video up a couple days afterwards, so watching LIVE is the way to go for now! It’s exciting stuff!

See below for a list of all 21 teams, and more info on the tourney, the LIVE draw, and more!

LIVE Pool Group Draw

If you want to watch the pool groups get drawn LIVE, check out LCC Radotin’s YouTube page on Saturday! Not only are they showing off all the great games from the 2017 Frank Menschner Cup, but they are also helping us out with the draw, and doing it LIVE online. On top of all that, the top European box program (LCC!) is coming to play again in the LASNAI! Mark Donahue and Brian Witmer will be on hand to provide more info! The draw will take place around 730pm Euro time, and around 130pm Eastern US time.

Watch it LIVE here!

The top 7 teams (based on last year’s finish and rosters) will be put into an “A” pot, and each pool will get one “A” team. The other 14 teams will all be placed in a “B” pot, and assigned to groups from there. If you think we put you in the wrong pot, just prove us wrong! We love that!

The Final Pool Groups will also be shared via photo on social media, and it will look like the image below. PLEASE NOTE THE BELOW IMAGE IS NOT THE FINAL DRAW! That happens on Saturday. I don’t care what anyone tells you, the below image is NOT final, it’s just so you can see what it will look like! Cool? Cool.

2017 LASNAI mock up

FULL 2017 LASNAI Team List!

Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the teams for 2017, and we are THRILLED to officially announce the tourney has expanded from 12 teams to 21 in its second year. This is a BIG and talented group of teams, so see below for a full roster of teams (organized alphabetically) and a little teaser info about each of the squads!

Basom Bombers (IRO) – Roger Hill’s group is ready to roll, and excited to play against this year. Watch out for Basom!

Blue Goose LC (CAN) – Strong group based out of Ontario with tons of experience!

 Brooklyn Dodgers (USA) – The best box team in NYC, 3 time defending ULAX champs!
Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation (USA) – Pros and great guys coming together for a truly good cause, all led by Casey Powell!
Caughnawaga Indians (IRO) – Finished in 3rd last year, loaded with returners!
Cleveland Demons (USA) – Box is growing in Ohio like crazy, and the Demons are looking to make that a well-known fact at the LASNAI this year!
Courage Game House Team (USA) – Nick Welton has the Courage Game involved this year, and it’s going to be House Team 2.0. Can’t wait to see this group in action!
Frog Pond Maulers (IRO) – Danton Miller is putting together a TOUGH team out Six Nations primarily. Don’t sleep on anyone, but definitely don’t sleep on Frog Pond!
Goldstar Tel Aviv (ISR) – A strong group of Israelis, coming together to rep Tel Aviv!
LaserSharks Blanco (USA)  – PJ Martin’s returning squad from 2016!
LaserSharks Neon (USA) – Another PJ Martin squad, talk about depth!
LAS House Team (USA) – They’re back, and looking to improve on last year’s 12th place finish!
LCC Radotin (CZE) – The best club in all of Europe!
Music City (TN and KY – USA) – The only box team in TN and KY… this team is growing the game!
Onondaga Redhawks (IRO) – Finished in 4th last year, the home team!
Rochester River Monsters (USA) – This US based team is looking really good, with plenty of experience and players who can make an impact!
Seneca Marksmen (IRO) – We are PUMPED to have a great group representing the Guardians of the Western Door!
St. Lawrence River Wolverines (IRO) – Gabe Oakes is putting together a tough and talented squad. Watch out!
Syracuse Stingers (IRO/USA) – Neal Powless leads this experienced and talented crew of locals!
Thompson Brothers Lacrosse (IRO) – Last year’s champs… They’re back and loaded up with talent!
The Young Guns (IRO) – A young collection of future Iroquois all-stars!

2017 LASNAI Tickets

Single day passes ($15) will be available at the door on a first come, first served basis. We can not “hold” single day passes. However, Full tourney passes which get you in to ALL the game on ALL three days are available for purchase for only $25. That’s right, $25 gets you access to SIXTY-THREE box lacrosse games in three days. 100% worth it!

You can buy 3-day 2017 LASNAI ticket passes HERE. Kids 10 years old or younger get in for free.

2017 Cuse – Iroquois – Israel Tickets

On Sunday, Syracuse will play the Iroquois and Israel in the Carrier Dome in a three way scrimmage. This will be an UNREAL set of fall scrimmages and you DEFINITELY want to attend these games as well! Tickets will be made available for purchase for this game soon and we will provide a link!

2017 Wood Stick Festival

The Wood Stick Festival is back in a major way, and will run the same three days as the LASNAI tourney, on the fields at the Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse. This event is FREE to all, and will showcase wooden stick makers from a couple of Nations as well as traditional native crafts. There will also be some AMAZING local food on site, and plenty to see, learn, and do. Plus you can pick up a real deal woodie while you’re there. What’s not to love about that?!?!

2017 LASNAI Schedule

We will release the FULL schedule on Monday, once the draw has been completed on Saturday, and all of our groups have been settled.

The vast majority of the games will be played indoors in the Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse, but a small number of games will also be played outdoors in the old box. Before you worry at all, the old box is being renovated by the tournament so that it is 100% safe and ready to roll. We’re also thrilled that this renovation will allow local kids, teams, and players to have another area to play and practice the game we all love! I for one and PUMPED at the chance to play an outdoor box game on the Onondaga Nation! I love Radotin’s outdoor box, and the outdoor box near the Fieldhouse is like nothing else out there! Most teams will only play 1-2 games outside.

Each team will play SIX games (two per day) over 3 days. Each game will be two 15-minute halves, except for the finals, which will be 3 12-minute periods. Games will start in the morning each day, run for about 12-13 hours total, and finish up around midnight each night. Saturday night will end a little earlier, probably around 1030pm so that kids, players, and fans alike can watch the finals without missing too much sleep!

A FULL schedule will be posted early next week (MON or TUE), with game times and match ups posted for all to see!

2017 LASNAI Rules

We use FIL rules at the LASNAI because we have teams and players coming from all over the world. To refresh yourself on the FIL rules, check out the FIL rule book!

Now, if you’ve read all the way through this and still have no idea what we’re talking about, watch this video, then come on up and watch some amazing lacrosse!

The 2016 Finals werent’ too shabby either!

Ok, that’s it for now. We’re going back to watching the Frank Menschner Cup, but will have much more info coming out next week about the 2017 LASNAI including the full game schedule, our amazing sponsors, team previews, and much, much more.

Get ready, this year’s LASNAI is going to be truly special!