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LASNAI Schedule LASNAI Tournament Preview

2017 LASNAI Tournament Preview

The LASNAI Tournament Preview lays out the pool groups again, talks about the teams in more depth, and makes some predictions, many of which will inevitably prove wrong. That’s what is so fun about the LASNAI – while you think you know what’s going to happen, nothing is guaranteed, and games are often tighter than predicted!

This year we have 21 tough teams vying for the title, Thompson Brothers Lacrosse is back to defend last year’s championship, and the overall caliber of play will be higher than ever. Two of our top 6 teams in Vermont and Jamaica aren’t coming back, but the vast majority of their players are, meaning the talent spread just got deeper.

Check out the pool by pool preview (with sketchy predictions!), our updated sponsor list, and plenty more info on the Wooden Lacrosse Stick Festival, parking info, video, the SU/Iroquois/Israel games on Sunday, and more!

It’s #LaxWeekend17, get involved!

(To purchase 3 day LASNAI event passes, click HERE. One day passes are only available at the door, on a first come, first served basis. To check out the FULL game schedule, click HERE.)

2017 LASNAI Tournament Preview

This year, the LASNAI is presented by Nike, and we have an amazing group of teams lined up to compete. See how each pool breaks down below!

Pool A – Caughnawaga Indians, Basom Bombers, Seneca Marksmen

The Caughnawaga Indians finished in 3rd last year, and lost to TBL in a really tight semifinal game by only a goal or two. Expect Dirt McComber’s Indians squad to be just as loaded up again this year, as they look to improve on their finish in 2016. At the same time, don’t count out Basom or Seneca! Both of these Western New York teams should be plenty talented, which makes Pool A a truly difficult group to predict, but a very fun group to watch closely!

Based on their finish last year, I like Dirt’s Caughnawaga squad to win the group (2-0), and I think Seneca (1-1) takes second place, but I’ve been wrong before, and I’m prepared to be wrong again. This is a really good, and deep, group.

Why did I ever agree to make any predictions at all? Also, I love those Caughnawaga uniforms!caughnawaga indians lacrosse lasnai

Pool B – Thompson Brothers, Cleveland Demons, Young Guns

As last year’s returning champs, I like TBL to take this group pretty handily. David Blue’s Cleveland squad will be bringing a really solid core with some good outsiders to bolster their strength. The Young Guns are mostly younger Iroquois players, but Tyler Brown is putting together a team with skill, legs, and plenty of energy. This team has plenty to prove against older more established players, so if you’re looking for a surprise team to watch, check out The Young Guns. I’m curious to see what they can do myself, and remember that TBL did have a tight game in their pool play last year.

Still, I’ll go TBL (2-0), Young Guns (1-1), Cleveland (0-2), in that order, even if I have TBL on a slight upset alert if they don’t show strongly against the Young Guns. I can’t believe I just typed that, but I did. Print it!thompson brothers lacrosse

Pool C – St. Lawrence River Wolverines, LaserSharks Neon, Brooklyn Dodgers

Gabe Oakes is putting together an extremely talented and experienced team, and contending overall isn’t out of the question for the Wolverines. But… I also like the LaserSharks Neon group that PJ Martin is putting together, and I haven’t even seen a final roster. They’ll be athletic and hungry, which is always good in shortened games. The Brooklyn Dodgers (3-time defending NYC league champs) throw a wrench in as well, as they’re capable of winning a game or two here, which opens up this group a bit further.

My gut says St. Lawrence (2-0), then LaserSharks (1-1), then Brooklyn (0-2), but it feels like I just ate a street hot dog – unsettled at best. (For those that don’t know, street hot dogs are things that resemble real hot dogs, sold on the streets of NYC, or any large city, and they just ruin your stomach.)

Pool D – Blue Goose LC, LaserSharks Blanco, Goldstar Tel Aviv

This might be the hardest group to predict. Of course that prediction itself could also be way off… so basically… I know nothing, Lebowski. But I’m trying. A- for effort.

Blue Goose will likely have the most box experience in this group, but both the LaserSharks and Goldstar will be super athletic, with good goaltending. I still like our #1 seed Blue Goose to finish first, but I could see each of these teams winning and losing a game, and placement coming down to goals against. I’ll go with Blue Goose (1-1), LaserSharks (1-1), Goldstar (1-1), with the 1-2-3 finished based on goals against average.

I am not picking any teams to tie any games, because I don’t want to see that. Watch, now every pool game will be a tie.

Pool E – Onondaga Redhawks, LAS House Team, Rochester River Monsters

Onondaga finished 4th last year, and as the home team should be loaded up with plenty of talent, and plenty of guys who play together once in a while. That always helps! Rochester is in a similar boat, should have a good strong local squad and some good pre-existing chemistry. The LAS House Team has a good chunk of guys returning from last year’s team, so it will be a more cohesive group than a group of total randoms. Like last year. Although last year went pretty well and the House Team did win a game.

Still, the smart money is on OAC (2-0), Rochester (1-1), with the LAS House Team finishing in last (0-2). Prove me wrong, throwing down the gauntlet on my own squad, so you know I’m not biased, just kind of stupid.

Pool F – Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, Syracuse Stingers, Courage Game House Team

This is another tough group from which to predict a winner. I feel pretty confident that the House Team won’t win a game here (and there’s no shame in that against these two squads!) but the battle for first could be really intriguing! I can’t wait to see this contest between Syracuse and the CPWLF squad play out. Since the core of the Stingers know each other pretty well, and CP’s team is less of a core group, I’ll actually go with Syracuse to win the pool game, and win the pool.

I’ve been wrong so many times before, what’s one more? Syracuse (2-0), Casey Powell WLF (1-1), Courage Game House Team (0-2). Again, I’m picking the House Team to finish last, and I look forward to being wrong. Also again. A lot of that going aroind.

Pool G – LCC Radotin, Frog Pond Maulers, Music City

I have a feeling that the Frog Pond vs LCC Radotin game could be the BEST game of all the pool games. It’s going to be two different languages spoken on the floor, TONS of talent, and a real clash of stylistic play. The smallest breaks will mean the difference here, and I’m going out on a limb to predict LCC wins this game by one goal, to win the group, but only because I have to predict something. They could also lose by 5, or win by 5. It’s almost impossible to say, but I’ll do it anyway. For Music City, this is a tough group, but they will compete, trust me on that, and provide more great lacrosse. And don’t count them out for a win either. That would just be silly.

Final predicted roll: LCC Radotin (2-0), Frog Pond (1-1), Music City (0-2). Final roll? We’ll have to wait and see!LCC Radotin lacrosse

LASNAI Tournament Location

Just so everyone is on the same page, the LASNAI and Wooden Stick will be the Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse:

3370 Route 11A
Onondaga Nation
Nedrow, NY 13120

Haudenosaunee Wood Stick Festival Info

The Wood Stick Festival will also run outside the Fieldhouse, on Thu Sept 28th, Fri Sept 29th, and Sat Sept 30th. With tons of vendors, multiple amazing food options, dancing, speakers, demonstrations, and a viewing of The Spirit Game each night, this event is really packing a serious punch. We are also hearing that there will be a passport stamp booth, where players and fans can get their passport stamped with the Haudenosaunee nation’s entry stamp!

Come and check out the sticks, crafts, Haudenosaunee dancers, and local food. Enjoy presentations by Oren Lyons, Alf Jacques, the Thompsons, Freeman Bucktooth, Travis Gabriel, Syracuse Coach John Desko, Jeanne Shenandoah, Ed Shenandoah and Neal Powless, Ansley Jemison, Kanentokon Hemlock, and many others! Eat great food, learn about culture, and the people we share with whom we share the Earth. See The Spirit Game on the Onondaga Nation! What more could you possibly want?

Admission to the Wood Stick Festival is FREE!

Parking for 2017 LASNAI

There is a LOT going on this weekend at the Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse, so parking will be tight, especially on Saturday! We recommend coming early, car pooling to cut down on traffic (and because it’s good for the environment), and planning ahead! Of course that’s always smart at any event! Teams and vendors will have access directly to the Fieldhouse parking area, and fans/visitors will park in the lower lot, and in nearby lots. Parking will cost $5 for guests and visitors.

Updated Sponsor List

We are thrilled that the 2017 #LASNAI is being presented by Nike, along with the entire #LaxWeekend17 experience, including the Wooden Stick Festival (running the same days and location as the LASNAI) and the Syracuse/Iroquois/Israel games on Sunday (Oct 1st) at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

In addition to Nike’s amazing efforts, we have added on a couple of new sponsors recently, and ALL of these groups have been a pleasure to work with and will only help us make the tournament that much better for players and fans alike.

New Sponsors – Official Ball Sponsor of the LASNAI.
Tewaaraton AwardThe trophy will be in the Fieldhouse for the LASNAI.
Sisu Mouthguards – The best protection, while still being able to talk.

Existing Sponsors

UnCommonFit – Official Uniform Supplier of the LASNAI, they can gear you out too!
Traditional Lacrosse – Fantastic Wooden Sticks and Tournament Plaques and Awards.
Burd Wood Works – Affordable and high quality Wooden Lacrosse Shafts.
The Courage Game – Our House Team sponsor, promoting equality in the sport!
Jack Johnson/Tama Lacrosse – Wooden Sticks from Jack, padding from Tama.
Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation – Supporting the people who need it most in the greater lacrosse community!
Throne Lacrosse – Providing the highest quality mesh on the planet.

BONUS Sponsors

We worked up a couple of cool deals with local companies to improve the fan experience. The first is that we will have an ATM on site, and a percentage of the transaction fee will be donated to the Indigenous Values Initiative! Supporting a good cause and convenient ATMs? Done!

Another deal is with Diversigy, which will provide a solar-powered charging station for cell phones, computers, and all your devices. Just plug in and let the sun refuel your social media life. Anyone can use it, and get all charged up green-style. Love it!

Get Involved – Stick Drive @ LASNAI

This year we are doing a stick drive/gear donation for Sticks For Kids, a not-for-profit that provides lacrosse sticks to kids in need. We have identified groups in Brooklyn, NY, Onondaga, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and others that are in need, so we’re putting together a big stick donation project!

We would LOVE for any and all players, fans, spectators, refs, etc, etc, etc to get involved here and help us Grow The Game in a serious, and very tangible, way. Remember the first stick you ever got? Well here is your chance to give that same gift to a new generation. It’s easy! Bring a stick, drop it off with us, and know you’ve done some good in the world! We will get these sticks into kids hands around the world. It’s just the right thing to do.

Primarily, we are looking for full sticks (shaft, head, and strung), but if you have shafts, we’ll take them! Same goes for heads, strung or unstrung! Sticks can be dropped off with the LaxAllStars/Nike booth inside the Fieldhouse for the duration of the LASNAI on the 28th, 29th, and 30th.

Full Rosters & Stats

Teams must have full and final rosters in before the tournament starts on Thursday, September 28th. We will have draft final rosters posted online the week of the tournament.

Stats will be loaded and updated constantly through the tournament, along with game video, and other free content!

2017 Video/Media – Bigger, Better, More HD!

This year we’re stepping up our video quality in a MAJOR way. Be prepared to see ALL the indoor games each day in HD, with awesome announcers, and professional level filming! The LASNAI Tournament games will be up on the LaxAllStars YouTube page, so you’ll definitely want to follow along.

Will the LASNAI Tournament games be FREE to watch online? OF COURSE THEY WILL BE!

2016 LASNAI Videos

If you’re just hearing of the LASNAI Tournament now, that’s cool, welcome aboard! Here are a couple videos to give you a sense of how it all goes down. Just remember, this year will be a LOT bigger and better, even though last year was lit!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”THRONE CHRONICLES 50 | LASNAI 2016″]

Will we see you in Onondaga this year? We better!

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