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2018 Iroquois

2018 Iroquois World Junior Lacrosse Championship Roster

With the USA and Canada rosters out, it’s time to look at the young Iroquois players looking to make a name for themselves at the World Juniors.

We are one day away from the World Junior Lacrosse Championship games kicking off, and now we have the 2018 Iroquois roster. With the USA and Canada rosters out, it’s time to look at the young Iroquois players looking to make a name for themselves at the 2018 World Juniors. Goaltending, offensive stars, a roster full of guys who can play transition, and a tough defensive core group make the 2018 Iroquois a squad to watch… as usual!

Gewas Schindler is the head coach of this team, and you know ‘Was is going to have the guys ready to play. Gewas has played all over the world, represented the Iroquois Nationals on multiple occasions, and he loves nothing more than seeing a team gel and improve as an event wears on. Expect this Iroquois team to come on strong and finish stronger!

2018 Iroquois World Junior Lacrosse Roster

# – Position – Name – Hand – Hometown – Junior Team and/or College

(G is goalie, R is runner, no specific positions have been submitted beyond that)

00 – G – Joey Janvier – Right – Okotoks Raiders (RMJLL)
3 – R – Kerry Kane – Left – Kahnawake – Kahnawake Hunters (OJBLL)
4 – R – Blaze White – Left – Akwesasne Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL)
6 – R – Daylan Hill
11 – R – Spencer Martin – Right – Brantford Warriors (OJCLL)
12 – R – Nonkon Thompson – Left – Akwesasne Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL)
15 – R – David Anderson – Right – Cambridge, ON – Oakville Buzz (OJBLL)
16 – R – Owen Martin – Left – Six Nations – Wallaceburg Red Devils (OJBLL)
18 – R – Myles Jacobs – Right – Akwesasne – Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL)
19 – R – Tyler Brown – Left – Six Nations – Wallaceburg Red Devils (OJBLL)
22 – R – Isaiah Skidders – Right – Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL)
24 – R – Owen Hill – Six Nations Arrows (OJALL)
34 – G – Cecil Jacobs – Right – Walpole Island – Wallaceburg Red Devils (OJBLL)
39 – R – Wesley Witlow
42 – R – Roger Hill
45 – R – Levi Tawpism
64 – G – Karonhiakeron Dickson – Six Nations Arrows (OJALL)
67 – R – Brett Logan
71 – R – Tyler Armstrong – Right – Akwesasne – Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL)
77 – R – Cecil Monture
79 – R – Kallen Currie – Left – Leask, SK – Saskatchewan SWAT (RMJALL)
88 – R – Aaron Greyeyes – Right – Saskatchewan SWAT (RMJBLL)
93 – R – Marshall Powless – Left – Six Nations – Wallaceburg Red Devils (OJBLL)

Let’s start with the goalies! At least two of the 2018 Iroquois Junior goalies stand 6’4″ or taller, and these guys are big bodies that can straight up move. They play big, see the angles well, and are tough as nails. Cecil Jacobs was lights out last year playing against fully grown men at the LASNAI, and he’s not the only young Iroquois player with plenty of experience playing up.

Tyler Brown will be one of the offensive leaders for the Iroquois and the lefty forward was named an All-Star at last year’s LASNAI. He was on the team with guys like Lyle Thompson and Kyle Buchanan. The young man can ball!young guns lacrosse

It will be interesting to see if he works with Marshall Powless and Owen Martin as those guys all play for Wallaceburg in the OJBLL. The lefty sides get stronger with a couple of Akwesasne Akwesasne Indians (OJBLL) players, and the presence of players from the Six Nations Arrows and SWAT out of Sasky only add to the expected talent levels here.

I’m particularly excited to see Dave Anderson, Gaylord Powless’ grandson, play for the 2018 Iroquois Junior team. He’s a hockey star as well, and has played for Canada in the past, but he gives this team great toughness and athleticism, as well as a nice flash of additional scoring.

There are some big bodies on D, and I like this group to be physical and tough. Cecil Monture, Brett Logan, Kerry Kane, Nonkon Thompson and many others can not only play great D, but this group canpush the ball in transition with fluidity. I’m excited and curious to see just how much transition this team creates!

Overall you have a highly skilled group, and while some players are on the smaller end, others will be some of the biggest players on the floor in any game. This team has size, speed, and all the skill in the world. They should be a LOT of fun to watch!

Make sure to check out LaxAllStars each day this week for live games, and follow our social media channels for updates, stories, and everything you need to see from the 2018 World Junior Lacrosse Championships!

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