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LASNAI LaxAllStars North American Invitational 2017, Onondaga, NY, USA, photo Ondøej Mika
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2018 LASNAI – 7 More Teams Announced!

10 teams have been announced already, so it’s time we announce the next SEVEN teams that are coming to the Onondaga Nation on September 27-29th, for the 2018 LASNAI! The tourney this year will be bigger than ever, and will run in two venues (the Fieldhouse and Arena), so get ready for an unbelievable long weekend of box lacrosse at the end of September. There are US team, First Nations teams, Canadian teams, and international teams are flying in from around the world. It’s the place to be, the thing to do, and you really need to come watch… or play… or both!

2018 LASNAI – New Teams Announced!

Caughnawaga Indians – Dirt McComber’s team made the finals in year 1, dropped down a bit last year, and will be looking to finish high again in 2018. Dirt’s squad is tearing up the President’s Cup right with players like Ty Thompson, Blaze Riorden, Vaughn Harris, and Adam Bomberry – will they bring a similarly loaded team to the LASNAI? Only time will tell, but my gut says the Indians are going to back this year, and in a major way.caughnawaga indians lacrosse lasnai

LaxAllStars House Team #1 – This will be the third year that LAS will offer up a house team, and House Team #1 is kind of special, because some of these guys have been playing in the LASNAI since day 1, and a solid core group is sticking together. Last year the House Team did really well, and placed much higher than many people would have expected heading in. We’re hearing rumors about a Syracuse Bulldogs/Ogie Ogelthorpe style uniform here, but that is not yet confirmed. It’s exciting either way!

If you want to get involved in the LAS House Teams (there are a couple!), Click HERE.

LASNAI Lacrosse All Stars North American Invitational 2017 LaxAllStars House Team Rochester River Monsters

Glasgow Clydesiders – We are extremely excited to have the Clyde playing in the 2018 LASNAI! It means another country is represented (Scotland) at the tourney, and it means another group of talented players is coming to get down! The Clyde has finished in second at tourneys like the Ales Hrebesky and Frank Menschner Cup, so what can they do at the LASNAI? Brian Witmer is leading this team, so expect them to be a fun group full of purple, yellow, singing, slinging, and winning. The Clyde is unique, and they bring an added level of competition and community to any tourney they attend.Day 1 Digest - Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2018 AHM 2018

Team Weekend LC – Team Weekend is coming at you live out of Ontario, and you will see a lot of guys who know each other well on this squad. There is a core of Oakville Titans Sr B players in the group, a strong connection to Wheeling Jesuit (D2), and with Matthew Lee leading the group I’m very excited to see what this wrecking crew can do. The team will likely be young on average, but fast and talented, and in our shortened games this team has to be one to watch for upsets and possibly a deep run into the playoffs.

Toronto Tigers – Marco and Jeremy Hill are organizing the Tigers club out of Toronto, and this team had been doing more than just prepping for the LASNAI this year as the team has seen action in a couple tourneys. With the support of LaxHutVillage in St. Louis, the Tigers are looking to add an URBAN box club to the Toronto lacrosse landscape, and we are thrilled to have them playing in our event this year. Welcome the Tigers, and get used to seeing them around! Good guys doing good things. Love it!

Cleveland Demons – Cleveland is back for another go at the 2018 LASNAI, and we love how these guys compete, play the game the right way, and WANT to play against the best in the world. They learn and improve, and some of their games last year were absolutely thrilling. There is a ton of box talent, and field talent converting to box, in Ohio, and we love seeing David Blue and his guys come together for a tough weekend of games. They are nothing but hard work and smiles, and we are so fortunate that they make the trip to Onondaga each year. Welcome back Cleveland!

2018 LASNAI 2017 LaxAllStars North American Invitational box lacrosse Onondaga Nation Cleveland Demons Thompson Brothers Lacrosse photo: Jeff Melnik
Photo: Jeff Melnik / Conquest Photos

Seneca Marksmen – Asa Joseph put together a truly top level Marksmen team in 2017 for the LASNAI and the tourney field should definitely pay attention to this group. Seneca played quietly, calmly, and effectively in 2017 and I expect more of that this year. These guys just get the job done, go about their business, and win big games. I loved watching the fluidity of their offense last year and their ability to play team ball in short games is a key to their continued success during this year’s run.

2018 LASNAI TEAM LIST… so far

We will announce more teams in the coming days and weeks, and we’ve got a LOT of fantastic teams to announce!

  1. Team USA WHITE
  2. Team USA BLUE
  3. Czech Republic Developmental National Team
  4. LCC Radotin – Czech Box Champs
  5. Gold Star Tel Aviv – 2018 AHM Champs
  6. Frog Pond Maulers – 2017 LASNAI runner up
  7. The Young Guns – U20 Iroquois players
  8. Basom Bombers – ULAX Buffalo Champs
  9. Music City – Nashville Champs
  10. Brooklyn Dodgers – 4x NYC Champs
  11. Caughnawaga Indians – TNLL Champs
  12. LaxAllStars House Team #1
  13. Glasgow Clydesiders – 2017 AHM runners up
  14. Team Weekend LC – Oakville-based club
  15. Toronto Tigers – Urban lacrosse in Ontario!
  16. Cleveland Demons – Ohio’s best!
  17. Seneca Marksmen – A tough team from the Western Door!