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Onondaga Redhawks LASNAI
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2018 LASNAI – 34 Teams, Schedule, Draw, Sponsors!

This is a big 2018 LASNAI announcement so give it a good read, share it wide and far, and if you’re playing make sure you read up. Remember, preparation is key. And if you don’t have a team yet, it’s not too late to sign up for an LAS House Team, but get on it as spots are almost filled!

I will run through the final three teams we have to announce, list out all 34 teams in their pots, explain the tournament schedule structure a little further, provide a link to the LIVE draw happening on Saturday, and begin to announce some of our many amazing partners, sponsors, and vendors for 2018.

2018 LASNAI – 3 Final Teams

Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation – The CPWLF squad had a great first showing in 2017, coming in 4th, and shocking the world. Given all the talent coming in this year, a top 4 finish becomes even harder, and we’re really excited to see how this squad bounces back, especially after losing Marty Bowes to Team USA. It’s not a big name group, but they found a way to play team ball and make a big impact last year. This group is hungry to play!casey powell lasnai

Cat Tail Kings – There will be a Tonawanda flavor to the Cat Tail Kings, and we have high hopes for this tourney newcomer to make some waves. It’s hard to tell exactly where this team will fall, and that’s what makes this all so fun! This is a great team name, and as we’ve seen in the past, teams with great names can do well right away. The suspense is killing me, but I love having this group on board!

Goon Squad – Bill O’Brien has won two LASNAI titles, and is now organizing The Goon Squad (like the Toon Squad from Space Jame – get it?), so if you know anything about box, you know that this squad is going to go out and COMPETE. Look for a team of athletes who will play physical and tough lacrosse. Beating The Goon Squad is going to be a physical and mental test so we hope the rest of the field is up to the challenge!Know the game Bill O'Brien Buffalo Bandits Know the Game podcast

34 LASNAI Teams, By Final Pot Grouping

Teams are listen in alphabetical order inside their pots.

1. Basom Bombers
2. Frog Pond Maulers
3. Onondaga Redhawks
4. Thompson Brothers Lacrosse

5. Big Boys of Akwesasne
6. USA Blue
7. USA White
8. Young Guns

9. Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation
10. Cat Tail Kings
11. Caughnawaga Indians
12. Goldstar Tel Aviv
13. Graph-Tex
14. LCC Radotin
15. Seneca Marksmen
16. Syracuse Stingers
17. Team Weekend LC
18. The Goon Squad

19. Akwesasne Aces
20. Brooklyn Dodgers
21. Courage Game
22. Cleveland Demons
23. Czech Developmental Team
24. Glasgow Clydesiders
25. Lasersharks Blanco
26. Lasersharks Neon
27. LaxAllStars House Team
28. Music City
30. Philippines
31. Poland Developmental Team
32. Puerto Rico/Team San Juan
33. Rochester Bats
34. Toronto Tigers

2018 LASNAI Schedule Structure

This image shows every team’s potential path to the finals, and eternal LASNAI glory.

2018 lasnai bracket

Below, you can find the general schedule structure, which is laid out fully, explaining how the consolation brackets work, and what the general timing and location for games.

2018 LASNAI Full Tournament Structure

LIVE Placement Draw From Prague!

On Saturday, September 8th, the placement draw for all 34 teams will take place LIVE in Radotin, during a break in the Frank Menschner Cup. The FMCup is a memorial tourney played in honor of the great Frank Menschner, and LCC Radotin hosts the tourney each year in his honor. Like the LASNAI, this is their third year hosting the event.

The live draw will take place on Saturday, September 8th, at approximately 1:45 PM ET (US), live on the floor of LCC Radotin prior to the final of the Frank Menschner Cup.  You can watch the LIVE STREAM on the LCC Radotin Youtube page, and the best part is you get to see the final of the FMC right after at 2:00 PM ET (US)!

This year the FMCup featured 14 teams, with clubs from Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Austria, the US, Finland, Slovakia, and Switzerland all competing.  Four of the FMCup teams – LCC Radotin, the NOAFE, Glasgow Clydsiders, and the Toronto Tigers – are all LASNAI teams well!

The host side, LCC Radotin beat the Glasgow Clydesiders 10-3 in the first semifinal, and the second featured the NOAFE versus TJ Malesice. TJM would win this game by an 8-4 score, creating an all Czech championship game, and an all LASNAI third place game. Good luck to all the teams playing tomorrow!

Follow the FMCup games, and make sure you tune in for the 2018 LASNAI Draw, on the LCC Radotin YouTube Channel at 1:45 PM ET on Saturday to see it all go down!

2018 LASNAI Sponsors/Vendors/Partners

MORE announcements to come!

UnCommon FitUnCommon Fit is a 3-year returning partner for the LASNAI, and we’re always thrilled to work with these guys! From uniforms to tents to referee shirts and so much more they provide great service and top level product. If you’re looking for team uniforms for the LASNAI or something else, hit these guys up as the official uniform sponsor of the LASNAI! They are lacrosse guys who aim to please.

Traditional LacrosseTraditional Lacrosse will be on site vending once again, and the eight members of the LASNAI All-Star Team will receive custom wooden sticks from the guys at Traditional Lacrosse as rewards for their outstanding play. We have six positional all-stars, an MVP, and a sportsmanship winner! It’s amazing to have Traditional back for their third year!

Tewaaraton AwardThe Tewaaraton is back after their first year in 2017, and we absolutely love having the award on display. With so many former winners playing this year, it’s extra special to have the award in the building. How many future winners will be playing? With some serious young talent at the tourney and all the box talent headed to the NCAA ranks it’s a question worth asking.

Burd Wood WorksBurd Wood Works has been a vendor since day 1 of the original LASNAI and we love having this mom and pop (literally!) business on hand. The original LASNAI was their first ever box event but from that point on they were hooked. And we’re hooked on them! Their wooden shafts are handmade, great products, long lasting, and affordable.

Jack Johnson Wooden SticksJack makes beautiful wooden lacrosse sticks, and he weaves traditional baskets that will blow your mind. Check out his double ended woodie, pick up a piece of usable art, and get to know one of the most talented and creative young stick makers in all the land.

Swoveralls – The All-Star Game prizes, All-Star Skill Competition prizes, and a couple pairs up for grabs for the fans will be hot items from The Great Fantastic’s Swovie Fam. I love sweatpants. So do you. I also love overalls. You really should too. And Swoveralls combined them into ONE THING. This is genius comfort level genius. I said genius twice because that’s how smart it is.